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Prescription drugs can save your life – but they can also come with dangerous, even deadly, side effects. If you’re a patient who’s suffered a drug injury from a prescription, you have rights – but only a qualified Indianapolis product liability lawyer can help.

Despite regulation by the United States Food and Drug Administration, many Americans suffer serious illness and injury each year from prescription drugs. When innocent people are hurt or killed because a prescription drug wasn’t adequately tested or potentially dangerous complications were kept from the public, pharmaceutical companies must be held accountable.

Why You Need a Defective Product Attorney

If you have suffered a drug injury, obtaining the money you deserve can be difficult. Pharmaceutical companies, their attorneys, and insurance companies will try to dispute your claims and keep their name-brand products out of the media. These cases require detailed testimony from medical experts and a drug injury lawyer ready to take on the big drug companies.

We’ve helped injured people across the state with claims involving numerous prescription drugs and over-the counter-products, including:

  • Gardasil®
  • Levaquin®
  • Lyrica®
  • Paxil®
  • Yaz® / Yasmin®
  • Zicam®

Have You Been Injured by a Defective Product?

When you or someone you love has been injured by a defective product, someone’s careless act, or a company’s questionable business practices, there are things you instinctively know to take care of right away. First, you seek medical attention for life-threatening injuries and make sure no one else is in immediate danger. Next, you want to figure out what happened, who’s responsible for the injuries, and how you or your loved one will recover from them.

In short, you want to set things right. You want the person or business whose product led to your injury to make things right, too!

The Indianapolis product liability lawyers here at the Ken Nunn Law Office don’t put up with false promises or blame-shifting. We believe in that same Hoosier honesty and integrity and we base our entire practice on setting things right for our clients and their loved ones. Our founder Ken Nunn has fought to protect consumers for 46 years and remains driven to make sure people know their rights and to prevent greedy businesses from taking advantage of them.

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