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Ken Nunn Scholarship

The attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office are firm believers in education and the various benefits that come with pursuing a college degree. Our firm is pleased to announce an upcoming scholarship opportunity for one student who desires to continue their education. High school seniors, currently enrolled college students, and students planning to return to college are eligible to apply.

Education is an important tool that challenges students to become exceptional residents of our community. Additionally, it equips them with the skills and knowledge to create a brighter and stronger future.

However, in many cases, students contemplate whether or not they will be able to attend college or return to college due to financial reasons. That’s why our firm created the Ken Nunn Scholarship. We hope that by offering this scholarship opportunity, it will alleviate some of the financial burdens countless students encounter when deciding to embark on their journey towards education.

We will provide a one-time $500 scholarship to one student who plans to attend college or is returning to complete their degree.

Submission Requirements

In order to apply for the scholarship, applicants must submit an essay of no more than 250 words that answers the following question:

  • How will receiving the Ken Nunn Scholarship help you achieve your future goals?

Eligibility Requirements

  • High school transcript, if applying as a senior
  • College transcript, if returning to college
  • Must plan to attend or currently attend a college in Indiana
  • GPA of at least 2.5
  • SAT scores of high school applicants (if applicable)
  • ACT scores of high school applicants (if applicable)
  • List of all extracurricular activities
  • List of any community service involvement, including volunteer hours

Please send the information listed above to the following email:

All scholarship application materials must be submitted by August 19, 2019. We will announce the winner on September 3, 2019.

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Ken Nunn’s dream was to attend law school to fight for the innocent. We hope to equip the upcoming generation with the tools they need to accomplish everything they have set their minds to achieve. Our firm hopes to help one student fulfill their dreams, as Ken Nunn did, through our scholarship.

At the Ken Nunn Law Office, we are passionate about serving our community. Our legal team is dedicated to helping innocent people receive the compensation they are rightfully owed. If you or a loved one sustained injuries due to the negligent actions of another individual, call our law firm today at (800) 225-5536, or contact us for more information.