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Many of the injury settlement calculators on the internet give you a value for your case based on how much your medical bills are. THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG! 

Unfortunately, some of these so-called settlement calculators are often wrong. A certain injury is NOT worth a certain amount of dollars. The amount of money that you put in your pocket from a settlement depends on the lawyer you choose. Some lawyers are happy with quick, tiny checks. Whereas some lawyers are getting 10 … 20 …30 … 40 times more money for their client! Always ask the attorney where they are ranked in the state for how many injury trials they have done. What were the results? The results should be given to you in writing to make it easier to understand. 

Every case is different and must be considered on a case-to-case basis. There are many factors that could determine how much money you could receive:

  1. How did your accident happen?
  2. How bad are your injuries? Are your injuries permanent? 
  3. Was surgery required?
  4. Was there a long period of rehabilitation and physical therapy?
  5. How has it changed your everyday life and activities?
  6. Were you having the same issues before the accident happened? They have to determine whether the injuries sustained in the incident are new injuries or aggravation of a pre-existing condition.
  7. Your insurance coverage, as well as the policy of the person liable for your injury.
  8. The track record and reputation of the lawyer you choose – the insurance companies will use these to determine how much they will pay you. Always ask the lawyer for a written list of what the insurance company offered and what they actually got for the client. You must know the result of the lawyer. Some lawyers are happy with a tiny check. The Ken Nunn Law Office is not. The lawyer’s reputation is critical.
  9. When was the last time the lawyer did an injury jury trial in the courtroom? What was the result?

What Compensation Can I Get?

Valuing a personal injury claim starts with understanding the different types of losses you can get compensation for:

This can include past and future doctor’s office visits, medications, physical therapy, medical procedures, and even the cost of transport to and from medical offices, hospitals, and clinics.

Not just income you’ve already lost, but also the money you would have been able to make in the future (loss of earning capacity).

This is a blanket term to describe how bad your injuries were. This often includes physical pain from your injuries and treatment for those injuries.

This is usually linked to more serious accidents. This is the psychological impact of an injury – including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress.

These are things such as, but not limited to, prescription copays, medical mileage, household assistance, and medical equipment.

This is when your injuries caused by an accident keep you from enjoying day-to-day activities like hobbies, exercise, other recreational activities, or doing things with your children.

Why Do Some Lawyers Get a Lot of Money for Their Clients While Some Get a Lot Less?

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The most simple and best answer is experience, determination, hard work, and out-working the other side. Always ask your lawyer when was the last time they were in a jury trial and how many jury trials have they done. Some lawyers have not done a jury trial for years and the insurance companies know it. The result, unfortunately, is you get a tiny check. An attorney that is experienced in the handling of personal injury cases has a lot of knowledge and information to properly evaluate your case. It is only after a thorough review of the facts and law that apply to each case, interviews with all of the witnesses, and a review of the injury and treatment that a more accurate evaluation can be made.

The value of your case also depends upon the lawyer that you choose. There are two different kinds of lawyers:

  1. The lawyer who has a reputation for getting the big check is the one who goes all out for their client.
  2. The lawyer who snaps up the tiny check. Maybe that lawyer needs the money worse than the client. (All Talk … No Action!)

Does it make a difference which lawyer you choose? You bet it does! How much experience does the attorney have? Insurance companies keep very detailed information about every lawyer and their settlement history. Insurance companies love doing business with lawyers who have a history of settling cases quickly and cheaply. The Ken Nunn Law Office has a very strong reputation for fighting and getting a big check. Always check out the results of any lawyer before you choose that lawyer to represent you. Is the attorney’s reputation for settling tiny checks or big checks? There are so many that claim they fight for the big check — you need to find out their track record. Ask the lawyer when the last time was that they did an injury or wrongful death jury trial.

We Get Phenomenal Results!

Wrongful Death – Defective Deer Stand

$157 Million

Auto Accident with a Drunk Driver

$28 Million

Auto Accident

$16.5 Million

Auto Accident with a Drunk Driver

$15 Million

Defective Machine

$5.6 Million

Auto Accident with a Semi Truck

$5.6 Million

Mesothelioma Victim

$4.6 Million

Bicycle Accident

$3.9 Million

Mesothelioma Victim

$3.6 Million

Large Semi Truck At Fault

$3.5 Million

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to know that if you didn’t cause your accident, you are entitled to money for the harm you may have suffered under state law. Indiana requires the injured person(s) in an accident to establish negligence of the at-fault party. This can be one of many burdens when dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, and The Ken Nunn Law Office is here to help. We will do a thorough investigation if we take your case. We’re ready to talk with you about your potential case and what you could be entitled to. We deal with the insurance companies so you can spend time focusing on what’s most important: recovery.

While you can pursue your case on your own, having an experienced attorney on your side gives you a real advantage over the insurance company at getting maximum compensation. A qualified injury attorney knows the law and how to protect and look out for you and can prevent you from making critical errors. An experienced injury attorney knows how to fight back against bullying insurance companies that try to pay you less than you deserve.

Most cases settle without the need to go to court. This is largely because it’s in everyone’s best interests to come to an agreed-upon sum that will satisfy all parties. However, there are some cases where it’s necessary to go to trial. If this is the case for you, our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys will fight for your rights to the full extent of our power.

While every case is different, it’s important to understand that negotiations can take time, and your ongoing medical treatments may delay valuing your case. We know you need the money you’re owed now to help you through what you’re facing today. We strive to settle our cases as quickly as possible without compromising the settlement amount.

Within a few days of your accident, you’ll probably get a visit or a phone call from an insurance adjuster. They will likely act very compassionate and caring, and it may seem like they genuinely want to help. They’ll evaluate your case and present an offer that might be very low. If you refuse, they might turn to bullying you or even threaten that you’ll receive nothing at all.

Their job from the start is to get you to sign away your rights to further compensation. Never accept their offer and never sign their papers. Instead, call the Ken Nunn Law Office and let us deal with the insurance company!

Indiana uses a legal concept called “comparative negligence,” or “comparative fault.” This means that your compensation will be reduced by a percentage equal to the fault you hold. So, if you were 30% responsible, and the accident is worth $100,000, you’ll only get $70,000.

Worse, if you are over 50% responsible, you may not get any compensation at all.

You may still have a case even if you do not feel hurt the same day as the accident. Your body will sometimes send a rush of adrenaline during traumatic situations. This can temporarily reduce the feeling of physical pain. You may start feeling that pain or developing other symptoms later. It is wise to consult a doctor even if you do not immediately feel pain. Some people suffer traumatic stress for months or years after a bad wreck. Sometimes mental stress is worse than physical pain.

You can still receive compensation from someone else who was at fault for the accident. The damages may be reduced, but you can hold another person accountable for aggravating the condition. These cases can be more complex, and you may need the assistance of experts, so hiring an experienced attorney would be extremely important.

If you were hurt on the job, you may have multiple options for compensation. You could be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits through your employer. This will cover your medical bills and also a portion of your lost wages. If you were hurt by defective equipment, you may have an additional personal injury claim against a manufacturer.