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KEN NUNN has represented injured victims throughout the state of Indiana and the U.S. No matter where you live in Indiana, chances are our statewide law firm has helped a neighbor, co-worker, classmate, friend or family member with a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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Our law office has a long history of protecting the rights of injured people. We will do everything we can to get you the help you need and the settlement you deserve as quickly as possible.

“It is my belief and philosophy that there is nothing more important to our law firm than doing an excellent job for our clients. Every case that we accept in our office is important. We strive to achieve the best results for our clients each and every time.”

Put a fighter on your side!

If you have been involved in an accident or suffered a personal injury, then you need to put a fighter on your side! I have been standing up for the rights of accident victims in Indiana communities for more than 48 years. Call me at 1-800-CALL-KEN (225-5536) to get the details on the settlement you deserve or fill out our online form to find out if you have a case. An Indiana personal injury lawyer will get back to you as soon as possible after you submit your information.

I care about my clients and I believe in fighting aggressively for their rights. I represent victims of serious injury and wrongful death from car accidents, medical malpractice, work accidents, defective products, and slip and falls. If you have been hurt due to another’s negligence, let them know that you mean business! Injured people face medical bills, lost wages, and in some cases a lifetime of pain and suffering. Sometimes families even suffer the loss of a loved one. I, Ken Nunn, will fight for the compensation that you and your family deserve to get your life back on track.

Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office before you sign or agree to anything with the insurance company. Insurance adjusters would love to settle your case for a tiny check. Do not accept less than what you deserve! I fight every day against insurance company tactics. I know the laws that protect your rights and I have the experience you need — in and out of the courtroom. Our experienced legal team will handle all of the phone calls and negotiations with insurance adjusters. You can go to sleep tonight without worrying because we’ll come up with a plan to solve your problems.

Client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. When you come to me for help, you have my undivided attention. I am here to listen and to keep you informed on the progress of your case. If you have suffered a personal injury, including head or brain injury, broken bones, injuries from a car accident, medical malpractice, or even injuries from a child’s dangerous toy, then put my experience to work for you. My law firm goes after every dollar you deserve – every dollar!

Contact me today by phone at 1-800-CALL-KEN (225-5536) or by filling out our online form. I have handled thousands of injury and wrongful death cases across Indiana. Don’t settle for a tiny check. Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office and let us fight on your behalf for the true value of your injury claim.

Secure & Confidential


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Ken Nunn Law Office

The Ken Nunn Law Office is a personal injury law firm with over 46 years of experience. We are dedicated to helping injured victims and their families get the money they truly deserve.
We have offices in Bloomington, IN and Indianapolis, IN. If you or a loved one has suffered from any accident in Indiana, please contact us for a free consultation.

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Bloomington, IN ; Indianapolis, IN2016 Top 100 ASLA LawyerSuper LawyersNewsweek Leaders in Auto Accident Law 2012 804936024Ken NunnVicky NunnDead ArnoldBrad SmithTroy RiveraMike PhelpsJohn DeCastroRom ByronChris MoellerMike HanleyNathan FousheeEddie ReichertRyan D. EtterKevin Deville Ken Nunn 1967 Bloomington, IN Indiana State Bar Association
Ken Nunn Law OfficeKen Nunn Law Office
5 stars - I can’t really say enough about Ken Nunn. Not just as a lawyer, but as a person, because he has just been there for me.
Ken Nunn Law OfficeKen Nunn Law Office
5 stars - The insurance company was kind of slick. I am very pleased that Ken Nunn settled my case for me. Be sure to get a good lawyer, which Ken Nunn is.
Ken Nunn Law OfficeKen Nunn Law Office
5 stars - I would recommend Ken Nunn.
Ken Nunn Law OfficeKen Nunn Law Office
5 stars - Ken Nunn has changed my life.
Ken Nunn Law OfficeKen Nunn Law Office
5 stars - If anybody ever came to me looking for an attorney I would definitely send them to Ken Nunn because he did me right. That means a lot, especially in the world we live in.
Ken Nunn Law OfficeKen Nunn Law Office
5 stars - I was treated like royalty. I would recommend Ken Nunn’s office to anyone because of the way I was treated. I was the center of attention.
Ken Nunn Law OfficeKen Nunn Law Office
5 stars - Ken Nunn treated me very well. I was very happy with the job he did for me.