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The first thing everyone wants to know about a personal injury lawyer is what sets them apart from all the others. Having had to climb the ladder and work hard to make things happen for himself and the injured Hoosiers he’s defended for over 50 years, Ken Nunn and his team at Ken Nunn Law Office are proud to have successfully won millions of dollars for thousands of clients.

When you need an experienced personal injury law firm on your side, Ken Nunn is ready to fight for you.

Founder & Attorney Ken Nunn of the Ken Nunn Law Office

Driven by Hard Work, Empathy, and Determination

One of the reasons Ken Nunn has found such great success in his lifetime is that he truly understands the value of hard work, empathy, and determination. After temporarily leaving high school at the age of 16 and growing up poor, Ken experienced the challenges that many of his neighbors in Indianapolis, Bloomington, and across the state of Indiana face everyday. He knows when you suffer an injury in an accident caused by no fault of your own, it can turn your entire life upside down. From mounting medical bills to lost wages, a personal injury can impact your entire life and the lives of those who depend on you.

It was in high school that Ken met his wife, whom he credits as the inspiration for turning his life around. After he saw the film “To Kill a Mockingbird,” he was inspired to become a lawyer. This led him to forge a path for himself leading him to attend the prestigious Indiana University Maurer School of Law.

A Commitment to Giving Back to Those in Need

Ken has never forgotten his roots, or how hard he had to work to get where he is today. He cares deeply for his community and for every client who comes through his door. Although there was a time when he didn’t think he was smart enough to attend law school, now he understands that anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and determination.

That legacy can be seen in his donations exceeding $2.5 million to local Indiana charities and nonprofit organizations, as well as the creation of scholarships for students who want to attend law school. His donations to Indiana University include accessibility improvements and renovations to important campus buildings. He has also proudly supported other local organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, the Bloomington Fire Department, local law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and more.

A Dedicated and Compassionate Lawyer

personal injury attorney shaking hands with a client

What really makes Ken Nunn stand out above and beyond all other attorneys is that he’s a local personal injury lawyer who truly cares about his clients and his community. His dedication to the people of Indiana is unwavering, with 50 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured people and helping to protect his clients during the time when they most need a dedicated and compassionate lawyer on their side.

Ken Nunn and his team of personal injury attorneys at Ken Nunn Law Office are dedicated to hearing the stories of everyone who comes through their door, and to stand up and fiercely represent their needs.

For more information or to receive your free case review, call Ken Nunn at 1-800-CALL-KEN or fill out our online form today.