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Bloomington, Indiana — November 2019 — Ken Nunn, a prominent Indiana personal injury lawyer, recently hit the $2.5 million mark in donations made to local organizations and charities in his community.

Founder of The Ken Nunn Law Office, Nunn is a respected figure in Bloomington, Indianapolis, and other cities across the state of Indiana. Alongside his decades of experience in the legal field, Nunn has a longstanding passion for giving back to his community.

Nunn’s Passion for Giving: Where It All Began

A 16-year-old dropout, Nunn’s path to success was not an easy one. However, while growing up in public housing without an established permanent home as a child had its challenges, he attributes much of his success to the adversity he faced in his earlier years.

Nunn later went back to school, worked hard to improve his grades, and was accepted into Indiana University Law School. He says his strength lies in his determination to achieve his goals.

Through his hardships, Nunn truly believes that a person is capable of anything if they’re willing to put in the work. His humble beginnings and journey to building one of the most successful injury law firms in the country are what inspire him daily to give back to his community and empower others to fight for their dreams, despite the challenges they’ve experienced.

As a testament to his commitment to bettering his community, he recently awarded local student Jenna Williams a scholarship to aid her educational dreams of attending law school, just as Nunn did himself years ago.

50 Years of Giving Back

The Ken Nunn Law Office Scholarship program is just one of the recent donations Nunn has made to providing opportunities to his fellow Indianans.

Opening his well-known law practice more than 50 years ago, he has contributed sizable donations, now totaling $2.5 million, of his earnings over the course of his career.

An Indiana University Law alumnus, Nunn has given over $2 million to his alma mater, including $250,000 for the installation of handrails in Assembly Hall and $2 million for the renovation of said building, which is home to the beloved Indiana Hoosiers men’s and women’s basketball teams.

The list of Nunn’s generous contributions to the Indiana community also includes a recent donation of $9,750 to the local Boys and Girls Club. Additionally, he has partnered with the Bloomington Fire Department for two years in a row to provide local youth with bicycles, ensuring every child of the Boys and Girls Club received a bike and a helmet.

With his passion for those who serve his community, the distinguished attorney also purchased 125 trauma packs for the officers of the Bloomington Police Department to utilize in emergency situations. Other area law enforcement agencies also received these life-saving trauma packs.

From Indiana University athletics to local hospitals and charities, Nunn is proud to have supported Indiana communities for over 50 years.

The Man Behind the Law Firm

Nunn’s love for his community can not only be seen through his charitable donations but also through his many years of defending the rights of injured people in Indiana. He attended law school with a goal to protect the members of his community when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Nunn cares for all of his clients in a way that only a man who loves his community could. He works hard to make sure everyone who walks through his door is heard and fiercely represented.

With an unwavering determination to help his clients and his community, Nunn has committed much of his life to his town and the people that make it home.

To learn more about Ken Nunn, his team, and what they can do for you, call (812) 332-9451 or visit his website.