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Indianapolis, IN: The Ken Nunn Law Office, a trusted personal injury law firm that fights for the rights of injured Indiana residents, has chosen the winner for its 2021 Ken Nunn Scholarship.

About The Ken Nunn Scholarship

Attorney Ken Nunn and his team at The Ken Nunn Law Office are trusted lawyers who care about the local community. It is their belief that education is a vital tool in helping students become exceptional members of the community, but many are faced with financial challenges that prevent them from attending college. With this in mind, The Ken Nunn Law Office has created a scholarship opportunity to help one student reach their educational goals.

The Ken Nunn Scholarship provided one student with $1,000 to apply to tuition or education-related expenses. The scholarship was open to students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and have been accepted to or are currently attending a two- or four-year college in Indiana. Participants were asked to write an essay about a challenge they have faced, how they overcame it, and how they learned from it.

The Ken Nunn Scholarship Winner

While the Ken Nunn Scholarship received many exceptional applications, one student stood out with an impressive essay about a challenge they’ve faced. The winner of the Ken Nunn Scholarship is Shyanne Gardner. Shyanne plans to attend Grace College where she will pursue her Nursing degree.

About The Ken Nunn Law Office

Attorney Ken Nunn of the Ken Nunn Law Office started from humble beginnings, and he and his team are passionate about the local community and their clients. The law firm is one of the most respected in the country and fights for the rights of injured Indiana residents. If you were injured in an accident, learn more about The Ken Nunn Law Office.