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Take Care of the Workers That Take Care of Our Roads

Take Care of the Workers That Take Care of Our Roads | Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers

Construction crews are as common on Indianapolis roads as the cars that drive on them. Any motorist that has been detoured or had their commute slow to a crawl due to road construction has probably found themselves frustrated, maybe even angry. But it’s important to remember that what is an inconvenience to us is a dangerous worksite to others. The safety of the men and women working to improve our roads is often in the hands of those driving around them.

An Indianapolis woman who neglected her responsibility to drive cautiously around roadside workers is now paying the price. She’s been officially sentenced after running down a construction worker last year. At the time of the accident, the worker was repaving a road and was even wearing his bright-neon yellow safety vest. This didn’t keep the woman from slamming into the man and leaving him with life-threatening injuries. She did stop, but when she saw the man’s condition she got back in her car and drove off.

Construction worker killed after struck by intoxicated driver.She didn’t get far, however, and was quickly stopped by police. It was then that she failed multiple field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. She was already on probation for previous drug offenses, and in an attempt to cover this up gave the police a fake name. The charges against her would only get worse when the construction worker tragically passed away from the injuries he sustained.

Now she’s facing a laundry list of charges including ‘failure to stop after an accident resulting in death, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated causing death, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated with a child present, identity deception, driving while suspended and false informing.’ She’ll be spending six years in prison and the next four on work release.

The victim’s daughter has been left struggling to wrap her mind around the thoughtlessness of hit-and-run drivers, “They don’t care, they are just in a hurry. They want to get where they want to go… They don’t take into account somebody is there doing their job. They might hit them and take their life. It doesn’t matter to them.”

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If you’ve suffered a loss at the hands of a reckless or careless driver, let the Ken Nunn Law Office fight to get you the compensation your family deserves. We offer free legal consultation to the families of Indianapolis wrongful death victims, so contact us today.

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