A big truck lying in the road after an accident.When you’ve been in an accident with a big truck, the results can be devastating to your life. Everything could change in an instant. Depending on your injuries, maybe you can’t work anymore, which means you can’t pay the bills piling up. Even worse, everyone on the other side seems to be blaming someone else, and no one will pay up. 

When an accident like this happens, it’s important to understand what sort of compensation you may be entitled to receive. Learn more about what kinds of damages you can recover after a truck accident and how Attorney Ken Nunn can help. 

What Is My Truck Accident Case Worth? 

A car with a broken windshield after getting into an accident with a big truck

Nobody can tell you what your case is worth without a formal consultation because every case is entirely different. Some are worth a few thousand dollars, while others are worth millions; it primarily depends on the injuries you suffered, your required treatment and the length of your recovery. 

Some damages are easy to value. For example, we know upfront what you’ve paid in medical bills, what your car will cost to fix, and we can look at your pay records to see what your lost salary is to estimate future compensation. These are “special damages.” 

Other damages, known as “general damages,” are less easy to put a value on. Your pain and suffering, for example, covers things like the physical pain you endured, emotional damage, diminished quality of life, and other more subjective injuries. 

Why Collecting Damages Is Complicated in a Truck Accident 

Truck accident cases can be trickier to pursue than other vehicle accident cases. That is because more people and parties are involved in truck accidents. When two cars collide, one or both drivers are usually responsible. In a truck accident, the truck may be one of many people or parties partially responsible. Consider the following: 

  • The trucking company can be partially responsible. 
  • If a part on the truck was faulty, the part’s manufacturer could be held liable. 
  • If the truck was in poor condition, the maintenance crew tasked with its upkeep could be responsible. 
  • If the cargo was poorly secured, causing the truck to shift, the cargo loading company might be responsible for throwing the truck off-balance. 

The list goes on. The real problem is that each party will have their own insurance companies and attorneys, and they will all try to pass around the blame. Many might even blame you, which can feel frustrating and overwhelming. 

Proving Fault in Indiana 

A truck driver sitting behind the wheel. In almost every personal injury case, negligence is the determining factor for compensation. Negligence means proving that someone else acted irresponsibly, that the other person’s actions led to the accident, and that the accident caused your injury. When the other side tries to blame you, it can become an issue. Here in Indiana, we have a concept called modified comparative fault. That means if you are more than 50% responsible for the accident, you can’t receive compensation. 

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