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Medical Malpractice In The Addiction Treatment Industry

Our nation is in the grips of an addiction epidemic. If you’ve struggled with addiction and believe that a doctor overprescribed opioid, you should talk with a medical malpractice attorney in Indianapolis. You could have a medical malpractice claim. Addiction Often Starts with a Prescription People addicted to opioids often reach that point because of … Continued

What Do I Do If I’m Involved In An Uber or Lyft Accident?

Rideshares may seem convenient, but they’re extremely risky. Riding with drivers who’ve worked more than 12 hours without professional training can increase the chance that you’re involved in a rideshare accident. If you were a passenger in an accident while getting a ride from an Uber or Lyft driver, would you know what to do? … Continued

Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Shows Dangers Of Following Vehicles Too Closely

A motorcyclist crashed into the back of an Indianapolis Fire Department vehicle after following too closely. Known as drafting, this is a common practice among motorcyclists, and it’s incredibly dangerous. When drafting, the driver rides closely behind an emergency vehicle as an easy way to get through red lights or avoid traffic. Not only is … Continued

Judge Dismisses Medical Malpractice Case Against Indiana Hospital

Community Hospital in Indianapolis had been facing a medical malpractice case for some time, when a judge dismissed it altogether. This surprising ruling came after lawyers cited the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act which limits the amount of compensation victims can receive to $1.25 million. After the jury awarded the plaintiff $3 million, her civil suit … Continued

When Car Accidents Are Caused By Cell Phone Use In Indiana

You have probably witnessed someone driving beside you in traffic using their cell phone. Sadly, cell phone use is one of the most common causes of distracted driving in Indiana and the United States. Even though a car accident caused by cell phone use can cause serious injuries, Indiana does not ban the use of … Continued

Truck Accident Causes In Indiana

Traffic crashes involving large trucks are usually devastating for the drivers and occupants of other vehicles. Understanding truck accident causes may reduce the risk of some accidents, but not all accidents. Thousands of people are killed and injured in large truck accidents each year in the United States. Large trucks, also known as big rigs, … Continued