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Were You Injured in an Accident with a Scooter? Our Indiana Car Accident Lawyers Can Assist You with the Legal Process

Transportation has diversified throughout the years, which means people are not limited to traveling by motor vehicles, buses, or trains as in times past. People now have the option to use Bird scooters.

The mission of the Bird company is “to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions.” Although Bird scooters may help reduce roadway traffic by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road, residents in Indiana are expressing their complaints.

At the Ken Nunn Law Office, our Indiana car accident lawyers have helped countless injured people obtain the compensation they rightfully deserve. If you or a loved one were injured in a Bird scooter accident, it’s in your best interest to seek legal advice. Our attorneys can review the circumstances of your case to determine what legal options may be available.

How Does a Bird Scooter Work?

Bird offers a free app that makes scooters easily accessible to commuters. The app allows people to find available scooters, then ride, pay, and drop off anyplace after usage. Bird scooters are becoming increasingly popular, especially among highly populated cities, however, these convenient scooters also present dangers to motorists and pedestrians.

Required Regulations and the Dangers Scooters Pose to Drivers

An article by Indy Star stated, “Riders feel unsafe riding on streets, where city rules say they should be. Pedestrians feel unsafe when scooters zip by on the sidewalk. And drivers feel unsafe when scooters occupy the same traffic lanes they do.” Whether it was the scooter rider or the driver of a vehicle at fault, multiple injuries have occurred due to Bird scooter accidents.

For example, Michael Pierce, 33-years-old, was riding a scooter on a sidewalk when he was hit by Mac Brown, 30-years-old, who was driving a truck. Pierce fell off the scooter and hit his head.

Indiana is enforcing regulations for scooter riders, and those who fail to comply may be ticketed. According to Fox 59, riders are required to stay on the streets and “scooters must be parked upright leaving at least four feet of walk space on sidewalks and doorways. Additionally, riders are required by the scooter companies to wear helmets, however, not all riders obey these regulations.

Drivers have a legal responsibility to operate their motor vehicles safely, however, this can be challenging with Bird scooters on the roads. Some of the dangers scooters present to drivers include the following:

  • They’re difficult for drivers to notice due to their size.
  • Some scooter riders are inexperienced with operating a Bird Scooter.
  • Riders often behave negligently.

These potential dangers scooters pose to motorists can result in devastating and life-altering injuries to both the driver and scooter rider.

Common Injuries in Bird Scooter Accidents

Bird scooter injuries will vary and depend on the type of accident the rider or motorist was involved in, however, some of the most common injuries include the following:

If you were injured in a Bird scooter accident, it’s imperative to be evaluated by a medical professional. If you decide to file a claim to seek compensation due to the careless actions of another motorist but fail to be seen by a doctor, it could negatively influence any compensation you’re entitled to.

Who is Held Liable for the Accident?

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If a scooter rider is injured due to the negligent actions of another individual, they may file a legal claim. The party held liable for damages can vary and may include the following:  

  • A property owner – If a property owner has known hazardous conditions on their property that creates dangerous pathways for others, they may be held responsible for any accidents that occur as a direct result of their negligence.
  • The driver of a motor vehicle – While Bird scooters can be dangerous, drivers must share the road with scooter riders and ensure they operate their vehicle safely. If a driver acted negligently and hit a scooter rider, they may be held responsible for any injuries and damages.
  • A pedestrian – If a pedestrian caused the collision, they may be held liable. For example, if the pedestrian was not paying attention to their surroundings and collided with the scooter, they may be held responsible for any injuries that resulted from their actions.
  • The Bird Scooter company – In some cases, the scooter may malfunction which could lead to an accident. However, it’s important that you fully understand the Bird rental agreement, waiver of liability and release that you are required to sign before riding.

The party held legally responsible for you or your loved one’s injuries will depend on the circumstances of the accident. It’s vitally important to contact an attorney who can assist you with filing a claim against the negligent party. These are examples of some of the potential parties that could be held liable in a scooter accident, however, there could be others.

Contact Our Devoted and Capable Attorneys

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If you sustained injuries while using a Bird scooter due to the negligent actions of another individual, it’s essential to seek legal guidance. Compensation may be available for what you endured, however, our Indiana car accident lawyers will need to analyze the details of your case. Compensation can help cover expenses including lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other related costs.

Every accident case is unique, and the amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive will depend on the severity of your injuries and other components. Our team of devoted and capable attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle your injury case.

We understand the legal system is complicated without proper legal counsel. If you have questions as to whether or not you have a valid accident case, call the Ken Nunn Law Office at (800) 255-5536 or fill out our free case review form. It’s time for you to seek legal representation, so you can focus on your recovery. Please don’t hesitate to call us. We are available to answer any questions you may have after an accident.