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When you are hurt in an accident, you suffer more than just physical injuries. You suffer emotional stress, mental anguish, and financial damages. For many people, dealing with medical bills after being hurt in an accident is extremely stressful. They wonder, “How am I supposed to pay medical bills when I am out of work because of the accident?” Our car accident attorneys hear this question many times during our free consultations. Below is information you may find helpful if you are asking yourself this same question.

Medical Payment Insurance

If you are hurt in an accident, the other driver is not required to pay your medical bills as you incur them, even if the driver caused the crash. You are responsible for the payment of your medical bills until your car accident claim is settled. If you have medical payment insurance under your automobile insurance policy, your insurance company will pay your medical bills as you incur them up to your policy limit. Your first step is to check your car insurance policy for medical payment coverage.

Health Insurance

If you do not have medical payment insurance, your health insurance company should pay your medical bills from the accident. Medicaid and Medicare may also pay the bills while you are being treated for injuries from the accident. However, once your car accident claim is settled, you must reimburse your health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare out of your settlement proceeds for any bills they paid related to the car accident. This is referred to as a subrogation claim.

Deferred Payment

In some cases, if you do not have insurance coverage to pay your medical bills and you have no other way to pay the bills, your attorney can write a letter to your medical providers asking for a deferment. Your attorney will explain that the injuries are related to a car accident, and you are pursuing a claim against the other driver. The letter states that the medical bills will be paid from the settlement proceeds once the case is settled.

Medical Bills In A Car Accident Case

If the other driver is responsible for the crash, you are entitled to recover compensation for all medical expenses related to the accident. In some cases, your physician may state you will require future medical treatments. An amount for future medical expenses is included in the settlement demand if your injuries require ongoing medical treatment.

It is important we wait to settle your case until we know if you will have future medical costs. If we settle the claim too quickly, you may have to bear the cost of any future medical bills. While it may be stressful to deal with medical bills after you have been hurt in an accident, it is better to wait until you have fully recovered before we settle your case to ensure you receive the maximum compensation allowable by law.

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