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How To Stay Safe When Driving in Bad Weather Conditions in Indiana

According to AAA, adverse weather and/or roadway conditions account for approximately 21 percent of traffic accidents each year. Annually, almost 1.2 million traffic accidents are blamed on weather and/or road conditions. Because of traffic accidents related to road conditions and weather, roughly 425,103 people are injured, and 5,137 people die each year. Whatever term you … Continued

Will I Owe Taxes on My Car Accident Settlement in Indiana?

When you are injured in a car accident, you suffer a variety of economic and non-economic damages. Under Indiana’s personal injury laws, you are entitled to recover compensation from another party if that party was negligent in causing your injury. For instance, if another driver fails to yield the right of way, rear-ends your vehicle, … Continued

Will I Owe Taxes on My Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Indiana?

Workers compensation benefits are non-taxable in Indiana. These benefits fall into the same category of non-taxable income as disability benefits, public welfare, and compensation for permanent loss or disability after a personal injury accident. It is important that these benefits are not taxed because you do not receive full compensation for your lost wages. Therefore, … Continued

Who’s Liable? The Difference Between A Product Liability Case and Medical Malpractice

Sometimes a bad medical result is unavoidable even with the best medical care. However, there are outcomes that are the result of medical malpractice or product liability. Understanding the difference is a key factor in recovering compensation for your damages. In one case, you are suing a doctor, hospital, or another medical provider for negligence … Continued

Everything You Need To Know About Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical providers owe you a duty to provide medical care that is not substandard or causes you injury, harm, or death. While a doctor cannot guarantee that a medical procedure or a medical treatment will not have negative side effects, the doctor must provide you with a complete explanation of all potential consequences and perform … Continued

The 5 Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Indiana

As a motorcyclist, you know that you face risks each time you ride your motorcycle. Everything from other drivers and road hazards to defective parts and driver error can cause a tragic accident in a split second. Although there are many causes for motorcycle crashes, some causes are more common than others. Common Causes of … Continued