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Driving in Unfavorable Weather Conditions

According to AAA, adverse weather and/or roadway conditions account for approximately 21 percent of traffic accidents each year. Annually, almost 1.2 million traffic accidents are blamed on weather and/or road conditions. Because of traffic accidents related to road conditions and weather, roughly 425,103 people are injured, and 5,137 people die each year. Whatever term you … Continued

Christmas Tree Safety: What you Need to Know

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), approximately 210 homes experience a fire each year because of their Christmas trees. The fires caused by trees resulted in over $16 million in property damage each year. As you begin preparing for the holiday season, keep the following tips and suggestions in mind. Tips to Keep … Continued

Be Safe This Winter with These Tips

Whether you are ready or not, winter will be arriving very soon. Along with the holiday season, we will have cold and flu season, winter weather driving hazards, and much colder weather. Below are tips for surviving some of the brutal effects of winter in Indiana. Tips for a Healthy Winter To decrease your risk … Continued

Safety Tips You Should Know for this Thanksgiving

Whether you are staying at home cooking for your family or you plan to travel this Thanksgiving Holiday, The Ken Nunn Law Office wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We also wish you a safe holiday. With that in mind, below are several Thanksgiving Safety tips for you to keep in mind as you share … Continued

Do I Have an Injury Claim for My Slip and Fall Accident?

Indiana’s premises liability laws cover a wide range of injuries caused by trips, falls, and slips. This type of personal injury claim is commonly referred to as “slip and fall accidents.”  The injury claim is filed against the property owner because the owner allowed a dangerous property condition to exist and did nothing to warn … Continued

Do I Pay Tax on My Car Accident Settlement in Indiana?

When you are injured in a car accident, you suffer a variety of economic and non-economic damages.  Under Indiana’s personal injury laws, you are entitled to recover compensation from another party if that party was negligent in causing your injury. For instance, if another driver fails to yield the right of way, rear-ends your vehicle, … Continued