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Indianapolis Accident Lawyers Want You to Watch Out for Black Ice

black ice

With bomb cyclones and other weather phenomena forcing cold air from Canada into the USA, it’s not too early to discuss how to deal with black ice. This thin layer of frozen water is nearly invisible against asphalt and other roadways. You may think the surface is merely moist with dew until you discover that your car is skidding uncontrollably on top of it. If you don’t want to suffer personal injury, follow these tips:

  • Don’t rush. Ease up on the gas pedal especially during your morning commute when black ice still lingers on the road from the previous night’s cold. By driving more slowly, you’re more likely to maintain control of the vehicle when your tires hit a frozen spot. If you happen to spot a wet patch up ahead, assume it’s black ice. Try downshifting before you rich it so you slow down automatically.

  • Allow more space. Assume that your vehicle will skid a few feet forever whenever you need to stop, so allow more space between you and the next car. Add at least an extra car length over normal driving conditions, especially if you have a heavy SUV. Don’t slam on the brakes. Instead, tap it gently.

  • Manage the skid. If you feel your car skidding, keep calm and don’t make any sudden driving maneuvers. Take your foot off the gas pedal. Figure out where your back wheels are headed and steer gently in that direction. The greater the skid, then the more forcefully you need to steer.

You can take every precaution for black-ice driving and still get into an accident. If that happens, contact us. As your Indianapolis accident lawyers, we’ll advise you on the best course of action to take.

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