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If you fell at your apartment complex, you may have sustained major injuries such as broken bones or a concussion. Even a minor injury can result in substantial medical bills and lost wages that create a financial hardship for you and your family. You may have considered contacting a Bloomington premises liability lawyer to determine if you have a case, but you are unsure if you can sue your apartment complex.

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Who is Responsible for A Fall at An Apartment Complex?

Before you can receive compensation for your damages, you must determine who is at fault for the conditions that led to your fall. This can be a complex undertaking since one or more parties may be liable for maintaining the property. In addition, you also have a duty to report any unsafe conditions to your landlord as soon as you are aware the conditions exist.

To prove a case for liability, you must be able to prove your landlord knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and did nothing to prevent it or resolve it. An example is if you fall on ice in your parking lot when the lease states that the landlord is responsible for the upkeep of the parking area. However, it becomes your responsibility if the lease states that the tenant, which is you, must care for the driveway in a single-family rental residence.

Another example is falling on a staircase because the landlord failed to repair a broken step or handrail. Responsibility may be on the landlord if the step was damaged or not maintained properly. However, if someone left an item on the step that you tripped over, the landlord may not be held responsible because he could not have known that another tenant left an item on the step.

Falls Inside the Apartment

Most falls inside a rental property are not the responsibility of the landlord. If you trip over something in your home, it is considered an accident. However, the landlord could be held responsible if you contact him about a repair and he does nothing to fix it. To be responsible for damages, the landlord must know about any needed repairs and have a reasonable amount of time to make the repairs.

Determining Fault in a Premises Liability Claim

An extensive accident investigation should be conducted as soon as possible after the injury to determine fault in a slip and fall accident. The burden of proof in this type of liability case is on the injured party.

It is important to take pictures of the area where you fell and record when you contacted your landlord about any repairs and his response. You should take photos immediately because conditions can change quickly, especially with weather-related accidents. You may also need a copy of your lease to determine who is responsible for the maintenance of specific areas. Consult with a Bloomington premises liability lawyer who is experienced in handling this type of personal injury claim as soon as possible.

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