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An injury at work can result in expensive medical treatments and time away from work. Your career could be put on hold, or you could see your career end if you are unable to return to work because of a workplace injury. It is important to understand your rights and how to pursue a claim for workers’ comp benefits.

Our Bloomington workers’ comp lawyers can answer important questions for you such as:

  • What are my rights if I am injured in a workplace accident?
  • What workers’ comp benefits am I entitled to receive by law?
  • Can my employer fire me if I am hurt at work?
  • I am permanently disabled, what should I do?
  • How can an Indiana workers’ compensation attorney help me?

If you have questions, we urge you to call our office to schedule a free consultation with an attorney. We can answer your questions about workers’ comp benefits, discuss your legal options, and help you fight for the benefits you are entitled to if you have been injured at work.

What Workers’ Comp Benefits Am I Entitled to If I Am Hurt on The Job?

Indiana’s Workers’ Compensation Act provides workers with certain benefits if they are injured on the job. The types of benefits and the amount you receive depend on the facts of your case. During your free consultation with one of our workers’ comp lawyers, you will learn more about the specific workers’ comp benefits you may be entitled to receive based on your claim.

Below is a brief description of several workers’ comp benefits you may receive if you have been injured in a work-related accident:

  • Lost wages – If you are unable to work due to your injury, you may receive Temporary Total Disability (TTD) payments. Unlike a personal injury case, you don’t receive full reimbursement for lost wages. The rate for TTD is two-thirds of your average weekly wage.
  • Medical treatment – When you are hurt at work, you are entitled to receive medical care for your injuries. Expenses for necessary medical treatments is paid in full under workers’ comp benefits.
  • Permanent disability – If your injuries result in a permanent disability, you may be entitled to receive a settlement for the disability. However, the settlement may not cover all expenses; therefore, you should consult an experienced Indiana workers’ compensation lawyer.
  • Physical impairment, loss of limbs, or disfigurement – A workplace injury can result in disfigurement, a loss of limb, or physical impairment. Workers’ compensation laws provide for some compensation for these losses.
  • Death benefits – If an employee is killed in a workplace accident, his or her family is entitled to receive certain death benefits under Indiana’s workers’ comp statutes.
  • Other expenses – You may also be entitled to reimbursement for other out-of-pocket expenses such as travel costs. Talk to your attorney about the documentation you need to retain to prove your expenses and obtain reimbursement.

Third Party Claims

In some cases, you may also have a third-party claim against someone other than your employer. Workers’ comp laws prevent you from suing your employer if you are injured at work. However, if another party is responsible for your injury (i.e. defective product or car accident), you may have a claim against that party. Because workers’ comp benefits do not include compensation for pain and suffering, it is important to explore all options, including third-party claims, to ensure you receive the maximum amount allowable by law for your injuries and losses.

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