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Have you been injured in a work-related accident? Being injured at work can be a very challenging experience. In addition to the physical pain and suffering you experience because of the injury, you also face financial difficulties because of the medical costs and lost wages. The financial cost of an on-the-job injury can be substantial. Indiana’s workers’ compensation system can help. To begin the process of receiving benefits, you must file a work-related accident report.

Filing a Work-Related Accident Report for Your Injury

Workers’ compensation laws were implemented to protect employees who are injured on the job. However, to receive these benefits, you must file a report of your injury. Begin by telling your employer that you have been injured on the job. Don’t delay in reporting your injury to your employer. If you need immediate medical services, report your injury as soon as practical after you receive treatment. By delaying reporting an injury to your employer, you are jeopardizing your ability to receive workers’ comp benefits.

Request a copy of the report from your employer for your records. Keep copies of everything going forward, including medical records, communications, instructions, forms, and other documents related to your injury, claim, or medical treatment. Even though filing a claim for workers’ comp benefits should be straightforward, that is not always the case. You need to have as much evidence as possible if you are forced to fight for your right to receive the benefits you are entitled to receive by law.

As you continue your treatment for a work-related accident, make sure you follow the instructions given by your doctor. Failing to attend doctor appointments and failing to adhere to the instructions given by the doctor could result in your claim being denied. It is very important that you do not return to work until the doctor releases you from treatment. It may be tempting to return to work, especially if you are in a financial bind, but you must stay out of work until the doctor clears you to return to work.

When Will I Receive Benefits?

After you file your report, you will not receive any compensation for being out of work until you have missed at least seven days of work. Once you are out of work for seven days, you are entitled to weekly income benefits. You are not entitled to receive full compensation for your lost wages. Under workers’ compensation laws, you are entitled to receive two-thirds of your average weekly wages for the time you are out of work due to a work-related accident.

The insurance provider must mail your first payment within 15 days after the date of your injury. If you miss more than 21 days of work, you will receive compensation for the first seven days you were out of work.

If you don’t receive your first payment, contact your employer and the insurance company. You can also contact our office to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney to discuss what other steps you should take to ensure you receive your benefits.

Have You Been Injured in A Work-Related Accident?

Unfortunately, too many injured workers are treated unfairly by the workers’ compensation system. Their claims are denied and delayed when they need benefits the most. Our attorneys understand the difficult position you face, and we work diligently to help you receive justice.

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