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The Right Evidence Will Always Expose the Truth After an Accident

The Right Evidence Will Always Expose the Truth After an Accident | Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers

Earlier this week the driver of a car that was involved in a hit and run accident began to change his story. He went from claiming to ‘know nothing’ to ‘believing he hit a wooden barricade’. Now this is something we’ve seen before – a story being changed as an overwhelming amount of evidence is gathered showing guilt. But this Indianapolis car accident is more than just another case of a changing story because the pedestrian that was hit and left on the side of the road passed away.

Evidence may finally bring a deadly hit-and-run in Indianapolis to trial.To hit another human being and then leave the scene of the accident in order to avoid responsibility only intensifies the loss and leaves us (and many others) struggling to understand this disturbing behavior.

It was only when confronted with overwhelming evidence linking his vehicle to the scene of the car accident that the driver began to acknowledge that he was in the area the night of the incident. But he is still claiming to believe he only hit an inanimate object. Yet this denial is suspect, as he initially claimed to be elsewhere that fatal night.

The family of the victim has been left to mourn and take care of family arrangements while they are obviously left with unanswered questions. Though there are no sufficient answers, they will also be facing questions of financial responsibility and answering questions from investigators. Finally, they will have to address questions from the insurance adjusters of the driver’s insurance company. All of this is very overwhelming and takes away from the crucial focus of families during times of crisis – caring for each other.

Wrongful Death Attorneys Indianapolis

This is why we believe that if you’ve lost a loved one in an accident in Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana you should make contact with an experienced injury attorney. An experienced injury attorney will understand your rights and the losses you have suffered. They will be able to explain to you a recommended course of action and guide you through the legal and civil court systems.

The wrongful death attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office are ready to assist if you’ve lost a loved one in an accident in Indianapolis. Please contact us today to start a free case review of your Indianapolis wrongful death claim.

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