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Distracted driving is always dangerous. Whether you’re messing with the radio, eating, and especially texting while driving, the chances of getting into an Indianapolis car accident are much higher. When we think of distracted drivers, we probably think of other motorists in passenger cars or truck drivers operating tractor trailers, but they aren’t the only people on Indiana highways that pose a danger when driving while distracted. Now the Indiana community of Fort Wayne is taking measure to make their streets safer.

The Fort Wayne Police Chief has described his officer’s squad cars as mobile offices crammed with the latest technology. This technology, such as mounted computers, has been readily available to police officers while they barrel down the highway or pursue suspects but using these computers while driving has been deemed too dangerous and potentially deadly. The Chief said, ‘If they’re following a car that they might suspect could be involved in something… what they want to do probably is enter that data in, but it’s just not worth the risk.’

Police in Fort Wayne can't use in in-car computers in order to avoid accidents.By the end of September, new systems will be in place in Fort Wayne police cars that will no longer allow the in-car computers to be used unless the vehicle is stopped. The department is one of the first in the country to implement the new technology that will shut down the computers when the squad car goes over 15 mph. After it reaches this speed the keyboard function is disabled and the officer can no longer type. They’ll still be able to use their GPS but won’t be able to check for warrants or registrations. It’s all in an attempt to reduce accidents and improve safety.

“I’ve Been Hurt in a Car Accident in Indianapolis. What Can I Do?”

When you’ve been injured in an Indianapolis car wreck, you’ve got questions. If your accident happened in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, Lafayette, Evansville, or throughout Indiana, get help from injury attorneys experienced in handling auto accident injury claims to get all your legal questions answered.

Indianapolis Auto Accident Attorneys

The Indianapolis injury lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office have been settling car accident cases in Indiana for over 40 years and always strive to get you the maximum settlement when you’ve been hurt in a wreck. Let them fight to get you the money you really deserve.

Contact the accident attorneys in Indianapolis that know car accident claims and contact the Ken Nunn Law Office for a free legal consultation today!

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