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Season for Car Crashes in Indianapolis

cars driving in snow in Indianapolis

Last winter Indianapolis dealt with the loss of one snow plow driver, one teen critically injured, and countless other accidents involving snow plows. With Indiana recently struggling to deal with the first snowstorm of the season, an Indianapolis car accident lawyer wants to remind you of the importance of safe and considerate driving.

Snow plows are a vital element of winter in Indiana. They make it possible for people to remain working and obtain essential life needs through some of the worst weather conditions in the country. The Indianapolis Department of Public Works clears roadways 24 hours a day when needed. Deploying over 80 drivers every shift, they help to prevent accidents. However, during major snow and ice storms, the city enlists the help of hundreds of private contractors to clear dangerous snow from the 7,000 miles of roads in Indianapolis. While the vast number of snow plows is essential to keeping the roads clear, it also requires other drivers to be extremely careful and vigilant in the driving.

  • Know the Conditions – Safe drivers know the road conditions before ever leaving the house. Always check the weather report before driving. Be sure to check current conditions as well as the expected conditions for your return trip home.
  • Clean – In addition to removing the snow from all windows, you should also clear the snow from your headlights, brake lights, and signals. You need to have a clear line of sight in all directions and other drivers must be able to see your vehicle in the dark and snow.
  • Inspect Your Vehicle – Before leaving, check your vehicles’ tires, wiper blades, fluids, and fuel level. In perfect conditions, a breakdown is annoying, but breaking down in a snow storm can quickly turn deadly.
  • Allow Extra Time – Always leave plenty of time to reach your destination. Snowplows travel slower than the speed limit. It’s incredibly dangerous to pass a snow plow. Slow down, be patient, and know that normal trips are likely to take extra time in winter months.
  • Allow Extra Distance – Always allow extra room between you and other vehicles. Stopping in snow takes longer. You must give snowplows ample room to work. The plows are wide and often cross the center line or encroach on the shoulder.

The winter months in Indiana can be especially trying for drivers. Snow plows help to keep the city running smoothly, but they also require extra attention from other drivers. As the citizens of Indianapolis learned last year, snow plow accidents often end in tragedy. If you have been involved in an accident, contact us for assistance. The Law Offices of Ken Nunn are here to help with any concerns you may have.

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