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Car in Eastern Indiana Went Airborne Before Hitting House

Car in Eastern Indiana Went Airborne Before Hitting House

A demolished car finally came to a stop against an Eastern Indiana home after sailing over 80 feet, leaving the driver dead. According to statistics, most fatal Indiana accidents occur between 2pm and 10pm. The Wayne County car accident was an exception, but barely, it occurred Monday night shortly after 10:25pm.

According to Indiana State Police, the 23-year-old was speeding southbound on Thornburg Road, south of the Randolph County line. Apparently the young man went airborne for the first time that night when he flew over a steep rise in the road.

He quickly lost control of the car and went barreling off the road. He struck a large rock and went airborne again, careening 81 feet before he violently struck a tree and was ejected from the vehicle. The car ended its runaway ride when it slammed into a house southeast of Muncie.

Sheriff’s Departments from Randolph and Wayne Counties and Wayne County EMS units responded to the accident but the driver from Modoc, IN was pronounced dead at the scene. Seat belts can reduce risks of serious injury and death during an accident by 50%, but unfortunately it was reported that the 23-year-old had not have been wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision.

Car goes airborne before crashing into eastern Indiana home.Although the driver was sadly killed in the wreck, it was amazing that no one else was injured in the out-of-control drive despite the home being hit. That’s not always the case in Indiana car accidents and sometimes unlucky pedestrians end up involved.

In pedestrian accidents, drivers are often at fault and they can happen for a lot of reasons. Speeding is often a factor as is failing to stop at traffic signals, disregarding crosswalks, and driving under the influence or while distracted. Victims in pedestrian accidents have an increased risk for broken bones, head and spinal injury, and permanent disability and there can also be long lasting trauma and crippling anxiety.

Indiana Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident, you’ll want the help from an experienced pedestrian injury accident lawyer. Attorney Ken Nunn knows Indiana law, and he knows Indiana pedestrian injury accident lawsuits. You may be entitled to money for your injuries and pain and suffering and the pedestrian accident lawyers at Ken Nunn Law Office will fight to get you the maximum settlement.

Contact Ken Nunn today for a free case review and get the money you deserve!

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