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A Simple Lack of Judgment Can Have Deadly Results

A Simple Lack of Judgment Can Have Deadly Results | Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyers

Sometimes just a simple lack of judgment can have devastating consequences. Often when we discuss auto accidents, that’s where they begin – with one person or persons having a lack of judgment that injured or even took the life of another. Of course, the circumstances surrounding these accidents are always different and placing responsibility takes expertise and often a lengthy investigation.

The events surrounding a fiery car crash in Centerville over the weekend are still being looked into, but it seems clear that negligence played a role. An Indianapolis couple and two others were traveling in a car along Interstate 70 when, according to witnesses, the car drifted into the median shortly before an explosion occurred inside the vehicle.

A explosion caused by a cigarette and oxygen tank took two lives in Indiana.The Indianapolis couple was killed when a resulting fire blazed out of control, but thanks to the quick action by some bystanders two others were able to escape the flaming car. According to a survivor the explosion occurred when one of the passengers decided to smoke a cigarette. Unfortunately another occupant was using a medical oxygen tank and it quickly burst into flames once the cigarette was lit.

Police ultimately found two oxygen tanks in the car – one in the passenger side and another in the trunk. According to the Wayne County Sheriff, “It was a pretty intense fire… The vehicle was burned so badly we could not get the (vehicle identification number) off it, nor could we even read the license plates.” The investigation will ultimately determine who was at fault, but what is certain is that several people and their families will be forever affected by a simple lack of judgment.

Auto Accident Attorneys in Indianapolis

Auto accidents are an unfortunate part of driving on Indiana roads. When you find yourself injured in an Indianapolis car accident, you’ll want the help of a personal injury attorney experienced in handling injury accidents in the state of Indiana.

Ask the Ken Nunn Law Office what they know about Indianapolis car accident claims. They fight for accident victims in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Evansville, Bloomington, and throughout the entire state of Indiana, and they’ll fight to get you the money you deserve after you’ve been hurt.

Don’t wait. Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office so they can get to work on your Indianapolis accident settlement claim right away. We don’t see a dime until you do, so get a free consultation right now.

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