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Tips on Staying Safe This Season

accident with a semi

An accident south of Crawfordsville serves as a reminder to all of the power of semis and the dangers faced on the road.

A car in Montgomery County pulled out directly in front of a semi headed north on U.S. 231. Unable to stop, the semi struck the car, veered off the road and ran into a nearby home.  The driver of the car and the semi were both rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, a mother and child that were inside the home escaped without injuries.

Indianapolis truck accident lawyer, Ken Nunn knows the many dangers drivers and bystanders face every day. A simple lack of caution can lead to disastrous results. Every fall, Indiana roadways are swamped with semis and farm equipment. Ken Nunn offers some tips on staying safe on the road this harvest season.

  • Avoid Blind Spots – A semi truck’s blind spots are much larger than a car. Blind spots are usually located to the right and the rear of the truck. Try to stay out of these areas whenever possible. In general, if you cannot see a truck’s mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you.
  • Leave plenty of space – When changing lanes or entering the roadway, leave plenty of space for a semi-truck. Semis need 40% more time to stop than cars.
  • Be Patient – Many farm machines travel less than 25 miles per hour. Be patient and allow farmers time to move their machinery out of the roadway. Much like a semi, the driver of the machinery may have difficulty seeing your car if you follow too closely. Slow down and wait for a time to safely pass.
  • Allow a truck to merge – If a semi is attempting to enter the highway or change lanes, slow down and let them in. High traffic areas are extremely difficult to truck drivers. If they are forced to come to a stop on the highway to wait for a time to enter, it creates a dangerous situation for all drivers.

The recent accident reminds all drivers of the power of a semi-truck and the danger to not only the vehicles directly involved but also their surroundings. Allow a truck the necessary time to stop or slow down and avoid creating dangerous driving conditions. If you are involved in an accident with a semi, contact us to review your available options.

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