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Prosecution Brings in Blood Expert to Strengthen Their Case

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Last week, we discussed the trial of a police officer who is being charged with recklessly driving and taking the life of a motorcyclist.  The trial has taken many twists and turns and most of the controversy surrounds whether or not it can be proven that the officer was intoxicated at the time of the deadly wreck.

While at first it seemed that tests were pointing to him being drunk, his initial blood alcohol content tests were thrown out because the technician who did the draw was deemed unqualified.  To strengthen their case, the prosecution brought in a blood testing expert last Friday.  The expert claims that the original blood test that showed the officer’s BAC being three times the legal limit is completely accurate.  According to him, the blood was tested six times, well above the standard two tests.

The expert went on to address the rest of defense’s claims that the officer was sober.  The defense have witnesses from the scene that said they saw no signs of intoxication – the expert said sobriety can be faked, blood tests cannot.  The defense has also claimed that the blood samples were tainted by mismanagement and improper storage – the expert countered saying that mishandling a blood vial doesn’t affect results, only opening it does.

The expert would go on to observe the step-by-step process the lab used to test the first vial of the accused’s blood.   He called it the “gold standard” of examination.

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