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First Responders Can Become Accident Victims, Too

First Responders Can Become Accident Victims, Too | Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers

As personal injury lawyers we often discuss what you should do in the wake of a serious accident. We attempt to be one of your earliest contacts after a wreck, but we’re not the first. The first faces you’re likely to see are the paramedics who arrive on the scene to give you emergency care and possibly rush you to hospital.

These responders work selflessly and tirelessly to ensure that the residents and visitors of Indianapolis have a fighting chance of survival after an accident leaves them with critical injuries. In short – they save lives. But unfortunately we learned over the weekend that they themselves are not immune to the dangers of wrecks.

A young EMT was killed in an accident in Indianapolis.The Chief of Indianapolis EMS has stated, “It is with a heavy heart I announce that another of our IEMS brothers has passed… While the past 28 hours have been filled with extraordinary grief, loss, and sadness, we’ve come together to remember two extraordinary young men.”

Saturday a young EMT passed away from injuries he sustained in a devastating wreck in downtown Indy. While driving in their ambulance, he and another paramedic were broadsided by a vehicle that blew through a red light. They were struck with enough force to knock the ambulance on its side. Both paramedics were rushed to the same hospital where they’d taken so many of their own patients. It’s yet to be revealed what caused the driver to run the light, but it’s possible that drinking or a distraction could have been a factor.

Now an entire community is mourning the loss of a young man who dedicated his life to saving others and hoping that another is able to recover as quickly as possible.

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Indianapolis

Indiana wrongful death laws can be confusing, even frustrating. In order to get the compensation your family deserves after losing a loved one in an accident, get assistance from an injury attorney with experience in handling wrongful death claims. The Ken Nunn Law Office has served families in Indianapolis for more than 45 years and can help you through this troubling time.

Get the closure your family deserves after your loved one is killed. Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office, the injury lawyers of Indianapolis, and let us get started on your wrongful death claim today with a free legal consultation.

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