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Have You Experienced Harmful Side Effects From Your Transvaginal Mesh?

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If you or your loved one live in Indiana and was injured as a result of a Transvaginal or Pelvic Mesh implant, you could have legal rights, including financial compensation. We know that it can seem almost impossible to fight the manufacturer of these defective devices alone, so we are here to help.

Get the help of an experienced Indiana drug and medical device lawyer! Ken Nunn is The Indiana Injury Lawyer and he’s ready to answer your questions now. To talk to Ken and schedule a consultation – is absolutely free. Call 1-800-CALL-KEN (1-800-225-5536). Transvaginal Mesh lawsuits have a limited time in which they can be filed, so don’t wait to call.

What is a Transvaginal / Pelvic Mesh?

Transvaginal Mesh is a small, sturdy fabric-like implant used to repair such issues such as pelvic floor disorders or pelvic organ prolapse (or POP). The FDA describes POP as a condition in which internal organs such as the bladder or uterus slip from their usual position and descend into the vagina. This can happen at any age but is most frequently caused by childbirth or genetics. Likewise, pelvic floor disorders have to do with the muscles around the vagina that hold everything in place. Sometimes, these muscles may become stretched or weakened too much to do their job – and that is when doctors may have implanted a mesh or a “bladder sling” to help strengthen them again.

FDA Recall

The FDA recalled all instances of surgical mesh from procedures using the product for vaginal repair on April 16, 2019. This is not the first time that surgical mesh came under fire for this procedure. In January of 2016, surgical mesh for transvaginal mesh was reclassified from a mid-risk (class II) operation to a high-risk (class III) operation. However, the product was not recalled entirely at that time.

The FDA has also stated that if you are satisfied with your surgery and are not having issues with the mesh, continue with your follow-ups as normal. However, contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • persistent vaginal bleeding or discharge
  • pelvic or groin pain
  • urinary incontinence after implantation
  • pain with sex
  • recurring prolapse after implantation

These symptoms could be issues caused by your mesh implant. Don’t wait until the symptoms get worse. Call your doctor and address them right away.

Many Manufacturers and Brands Affected

Manufacturers include Johnson & Johnson, C.R. Bard, American Medical Systems, and Boston Scientific. These four companies and their children companies have produced dozens of mesh products that have been recalled.

There are or have been more than 100,000 lawsuits by women who were affected by their defective transvaginal or pelvic meshes against these companies. If you’ve been hurt by their bad products – don’t wait! Let Ken Nunn help get you the compensation you deserve.

Have You Suffered Injuries from a Transvaginal or Pelvic Mesh Implant?

If you’ve suffered pain, infection, recurrence of incontinence or prolapse, or any other side effects caused by a defective surgical mesh, call Ken Nunn Law Office today. You have a right to compensation for your pain and suffering. You can reach Ken Nunn at 1-800-CALL-KEN (1-800-225-5536) to schedule your no risk, free case evaluation. Ken knows and understands the complex world of Indiana pharmaceutical laws and can help get you the justice you deserve. His office is here to help. Call now or fill our contact form here.