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An Acid Leak at an Indy Pool is Nearly a Replay of Last Year

Swimming Pool accident diverted

Last summer we discussed in detail an incredibly dangerous incident that occurred at a local public pool.  At Garfield Park Aquatic Center in Indianapolis hazardous chemicals managed to leak into the pool where nearly 200 people were swimming.

It was believed that the machine that fed chemicals into the pool shut off and was restarted which combined a dangerous mixture of chemicals.  Chlorine gas, which can be fatal in high doses, was released and filled the air at the pool.  Ultimately 80 people, mostly children, had to be rushed to local hospitals to be treated for nausea, coughing, and breathing issues that resulted from inhaling the chemicals.  The pool was closed for several days while an investigation was launched.  But was it just a freak accident?  Could it happen again?

Not only could it happen again, it would have happened again if it wasn’t for the fast actions of a lifeguard.  A lifeguard at the Ransburg YMCA on Indy’s eastside noticed an acid leak in the facility’s mechanical room on Saturday.  She knew the dangers and immediately cleared the pool before calling 911.

Nearly three gallons of the acid had leaked into the pool before the Indianapolis Fire Department was able to stop it.  It would have been much worse, however, if not for the keen eye of the lifeguard.  Thanks to her nobody was injured.

Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys

Fortunately a serious crisis was diverted at the Indianapolis YMCA, but that’s not always the case.  Sometimes negligence manages to affect us and our families, but if you’re hurt by another person or persons you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.

You deserve the true value of your claim and the Ken Nunn Law Office wants to help you get it.  Let us help when you’ve been injured by another’s negligence.  We can get started with a free case review, but we can’t get to work for you until you contact us.

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