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Another driver pulled out in front of you causing a collision and you were injured. However, when you receive the copy of the police report, you notice that the driver is not the owner of the vehicle. Who is responsible for your damages? Do you sue the driver or do you sue the owner? In this case, you should consult with an experienced Bloomington car wreck lawyer to sort out the details.

When Is The Car Owner Liable?

If the driver of a car is negligent for causing a collision, that person is usually held liable for any damages arising from the crash. However, there are instances when the owner of a vehicle can be held liable for damages even if the owner was not in the vehicle at the time of the crash.


When you allow your child to drive your vehicle, you are assuming responsibility for any damages from an accident caused by your teen driver. Most parents understand that they are responsible for any damage from an accident their teen driver causes. Some parents prepare for this by increasing insurance coverage when their teen begins driving.

Unfit, Reckless, Or Incompetent Driver

You may also be held liable for a car accident if you loan your vehicle to a driver you know to be unfit, reckless, or incompetent. For you to be held liable, they must prove that you knew or should have known the driver was unfit, reckless, or incompetent when you gave the person permission to drive your vehicle.

Examples of drivers who may be considered unfit, reckless, or incompetent include:

  • Any driver who is unlicensed or has a suspended license
  • An elderly driver whose age impairs his or her ability to drive
  • A minor or inexperienced driver
  • Someone who is impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • A driver who is known to be reckless because of his or her driving history
  • A person who is ill or has any condition that would make operating a vehicle dangerous or hazardous

The facts of each case are different; therefore, you can only determine if the owner is liable by examining the specific facts of each case. An experienced car wreck lawyer can review the facts to determine if there appears to be a claim against the driver.


An employer is responsible for any damages from a car accident caused by an employee driving a company vehicle. However, the employee must be performing job duties at the time of the wreck for the employer to be held liable. The employer may have a valid defense if the employee took the company vehicle, without permission, to run personal errands or for other personal use.

Do You Need A Car Wreck Lawyer In Bloomington?

When you have been injured in an accident, it is very important that you file your claim against the correct parties. If you do not name the correct parties, you may not recover the compensation you should for your injuries. An experienced car wreck lawyer fully investigates the accident to ensure the proper parties are named in the claim.

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