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Work Accident at IU School of Medicine Construction Site

Work Accident at IU School of Medicine Construction Site | Indianapolis Accident Lawyers

Work accidents happen far too often and each workplace has its own risks. But few jobs in Indianapolis are as dangerous as jobs in construction. Construction workers find themselves in many hazardous work environments including underground, on busy highways, and high above the ground. They also find themselves working with dangerous tools and heavy equipment, even explosive materials.

A recent accident at the downtown construction site near the IU School of Medicine is a reminder of the dangers these workers face. A 50-year-old man was seriously injured while he was working 15 to 20 feet below ground level at the Neuroscience buidling construction site. The man was struck by a falling object and was left with serious injuries to his back and neck.

A construction site is the setting for a work accident where a man suffered a spine injury.It was difficult for emergency crews to reach the man since he was working so far below ground level at the time of the mishap. To rescue the man he was strapped to a ‘Stokes basket.’ These baskets, which are basically collapsible stretchers, are often used for search and rescue missions in remote or hard to reach locations. The man was immobilized and secured in the basket and lifted from the hole by ropes attached to an aerial ladder truck.

If there was a silver lining in this unfortunate work accident, it’s the fact that it occurred across the street from Methodist Hospital and he was able to receive emergency care immediately.

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