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Woman Plans To File Claim Against City After IndyCar Series Accident

The road to recovery after a serious injury accident can be a long one. Fortunately, as Indianapolis injury lawyers we don’t believe the road to compensation has to be. When you’re hurt by negligence, justice should be swift and those responsible should be held accountable quickly. That’s what a women is hoping for after being injured at an IndyCar Series race.

The woman is suing the city of St. Petersburg for what her attorney calls “negligent acts or omissions” after she was hit in the head by a piece of debris last March. The object had come loose from a race car and was launched over the catch fence and into the stands. The woman was at the concessions when the piece of debris struck her. The impact knocked her to the ground where she hit her head on the pavement, a fall that left her seriously injured with a skull fracture and possible back injury.

So why is she filing a suit against the city and not IndyCar? According to an IndyCar spokesperson, “IndyCar has not been served with a lawsuit or received a formal complaint.” The city of St. Petersburg may be more responsible as it sanctions these IndyCar races on its streets.

The injured woman’s attorneys are conducting an investigation which includes attempting to retrieve the debris from IndyCar officials. Those officials have stated, however, that “IndyCar has the piece believed to be involved in the incident and would make it available to her attorney upon request.”

Many of these cars have new aero kits that, while making the car more aerodynamic, are also prone to breaking off. Apparently this wasn’t even an isolated incident as spectators have on several occasions seen debris launched their direction. This is one of the first times that someone has been hurt, though. It’s a shame that it takes a woman being nearly killed for the dangers of these races to be raised.

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