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Woman Charged With Deadly Hit-and-Run

Woman Charged With Deadly Hit-and-Run After Her Father Goes to Police | Wrongful Death Lawyers Indianapolis

The dangers of drinking and driving are a topic we’ve tried to cover on multiple occasions. There are just too many tragic accidents in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana that occur because someone made the decision to have too much to drink and get behind the wheel. A recent unfortunate incident in Indianapolis shows that multiple families are always affected after drunk driving accidents.

Over the weekend a young man was walking along the road late at night when he was struck by a car. He lay on the ground with traumatic head injuries as the car that hit him sped away. By the time a passerby found him, he’d already passed away.

Father goes to police after believing his daughter was involved in hit-and-run.It wasn’t until the next morning that the woman driver told her father that she believed she’d hit something. The father immediately went to the crime scene where detectives were investigating and told them what had happened. When authorities arrived at the house they found her car with serious front end damage and a shattered windshield.

They arrested the woman and ran her blood for alcohol. Seven hours after the hit-and-run and alcohol was still in her system. She confessed to drinking at a friend’s house and hitting something on the way home, but claimed it was too dark to recognize it as a person. She’s now facing a class C felony charge of failure to stop after an accident resulting in death. She is pleading ‘not-guilty.’

Indianapolis Wrongful Death Attorneys

Sometimes an Indianapolis wrongful death claim is necessary to help a family receive the financial compensation they need after their loved one is killed. But Indiana wrongful death laws can be confusing. So in order to get the money you really deserve, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced Indianapolis injury lawyer.

The compassionate and experienced attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office fight for surviving families throughout Indiana and can help you through this troubling time. Get the closure your family deserves and contact the Ken Nunn Law Office for a free case review today.

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