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Will Nine Women Get Justice After Their Botched Surgeries?

Will Nine Women Get Justice After Their Botched Surgeries? | Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers

There are few people we’ll put more trust in during our lives than medical professionals. When we’re in their care, our lives are often literally in their hands. It’s a responsibility that no doctor or surgeon should ever take lightly – and most don’t. But if negligence on their part leads to a serious injury or even a wrongful death, they should be held accountable.

That’s what nine women from Southern Indiana hope to do – hold the doctor they claimed caused them life-changing injuries responsible. The women are taking legal action against an Evansville plastic surgeon after she botched multiple reconstructive breast surgeries and falsified the medical records to cover up her egregious mistakes.

Nine Evansville women have filed suit against a doctor who performed dangerous surgeries.

Some of the women went to the doctor for breast augmentations while other went to have their breast removed to combat breast cancer. Shortly after their surgeries the women began suffering from life-threatening infections.

In some cases, the infections following the breast augmentations were severe enough that the surgical wounds ruptured and exposed the implant. These women were forced to go through additional intrusive surgeries to remove the breast implants and clear the infection. Other women, including those that had mastectomies performed, complained that their wounds never properly healed and left extensive scarring.

The plastic surgeon in question was eventually fired from the medical center where many of the procedures were performed, but she is still currently practicing in Evansville. The women filing the malpractice lawsuits hope to recover money damages for all the additional medical care they had to receive after their botched breast surgeries. It would also be fitting for them to receive compensation for their pain and suffering, which would almost be immeasurable after all they’ve been through.

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Negligence is always dangerous, whether it’s a careless doctor or a reckless driver; the injuries that result can impact a person for the rest of their lives. The Ken Nunn Law Office knows the toll an Indianapolis injury accident can take on a person and their family and wants to fight to get you fairly compensated after you’ve been hurt by negligence.

If you’ve been injured in Indianapolis, or anywhere in Indiana, let the Ken Nunn Law Office take on your case. We’re Indianapolis injury attorneys with over 45 years of experience on our side, and we want to put all those years of experience into helping you in your time of need. Let us get started on your Indianapolis injury claim with a free case review today.

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