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Will a Victim of the Indianapolis Megabus Crash Prove Negligence Played a Part?

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The overturning of a Megabus outside of Indianapolis was one of the state’s biggest news stories earlier in the month.  Ultimately, fourteen people were injured in the accident, and while it was at first unclear as to what caused the crash, it now seems that negligence could have played a part.  At least one of those injured are deciding to take action.

The Megabus was traveling from Atlanta to Chicago with nearly 60 passengers when it overturned on Interstate 65 in the early morning hours on October 14th.  The bus became entangled in a cable barrier south of Indianapolis in Greenwood.  Early reports claimed that the driver swerved to avoid an accident which caused the bus to flip.  It was believed that weather was also a factor as it had been raining for nearly the entire duration of the trip.

At least one passenger, however, believes that the bus driver and company were at fault for the serious crash.  Last week, an IUPUI student filed a personal injury lawsuit after being hurt in the crash.  The student’s lawsuit is claiming that it was overheard that the driver said his windshield wipers were not working properly, making driving through the rainstorm incredibly dangerous.  On top of that the lawsuit also claims the driver was speeding before the wreck, further escalating the danger.

As auto accident lawyers in Indianapolis, we know that bus accidents can be the most devastating as more passengers mean more potential for injuries.  We hope that an investigation will prove the true fault of the accident and those injured will get the justice they deserve.

I’ve Been Hurt in an Indianapolis Auto Accident.  What Do I Do?

The Indianapolis auto accident lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office have experience handling major accident cases.  If you’ve been injured in an accident anywhere in the state of Indiana, we can help.  All you have to do is contact us today.

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