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Lifeguard Shortage at Indianapolis Pools

Lack of Lifeguards at Indianapolis pools

What are you doing to keep you and your kids cool during the summer heat?  If you’re like many families in Indianapolis, you’re thinking about heading to a local public pool.  That’s not going to be quite so easy this year, however.  Many pools around the city will be closed for safety reasons, and it’s something that every parent should be thinking about.

indianapolis-pool-injury-lawyerThere’s a lifeguard shortage in the area and because of that the Indianapolis Parks Department will be closing some of the 19 city pools on a rotating basis.  The department is scrambling to try and make sure there are enough lifeguards to fill the 320 positions.  They’ve gone as far as to increase the amount it’s paying those guards.  They raised the hourly pay rate from $8 to $10, but it still doesn’t seem to be enough.

The department believes the lack of applicants is likely due to the school year finishing later because there was a greater amount of snow days from the harsh winter.  While that seems like a legitimate reason, that doesn’t lessen the concern that a lack of proper supervision could be putting swimmers at serious risk.

As personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis, we believe that safety should be the top priority at our public parks and pools.  It’s reasonable to expect that those running these places are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of visitors, especially children who have a greater chance of being injured when they aren’t properly supervised.  So before you take your kids to the pool make sure there are an appropriate amount of lifeguards on duty before you let them dive in.

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