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Will a Family Get the Justice They Want After a Fatal Indiana Truck Accident?

fatal indiana truck accident

When negligence causes an accident that takes away your loved ones, you have every reason to be angry and heartbroken.  You have every right to demand justice, to want to see the person that killed someone you love face criminal charges.  A Merrillville family is calling for just that after a terrible tragedy occurred last year.

In August of 2013, the family was coming home from a birthday party in Indianapolis when they were forced to stop due to a construction zone.  According to reports, that’s when a man, driving with cruise control on, slammed into the back of the family vehicle.  The vehicle burst into flames and took the lives of all seven people inside.

Surviving family members not involved in the deadly wreck are hoping the reckless driver will face justice.  “It’s really hard at this time not knowing what’s going to happen to this guy, if anything.”  The family isn’t just sitting idly by either; they have started an online petition to demand that the Jasper County prosecutor bring criminal charges against the man.

They haven’t received the response that they want, though.  According to the prosecutor, “despite the horrific details of the accident that led to the death of 7 people, based upon the law in the State of Indiana no provable criminal event occurred… Negligent behavior alone is not enough to obtain a criminal conviction. Automobile accidents caused by negligent behavior fall outside the realm of criminal prosecution.”

As wrongful death lawyers in Indianapolis, we hope that their attempts in civil court and a wrongful death suit will help them get the closure and justice they deserve.

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Civil trials are separate from criminal trials, so even without a conviction you can receive financial compensation for the negligent death of a loved one.  If you’ve found yourself in this terrible situation, the wrongful death attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office can help.

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