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Who Can Be Held Responsible in a Dog Bite Case?

Dog attack sends child to hospital

A little boy, who was critically injured over the weekend, was fortunately able to speak to police at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health on Sunday.  It was then that he told them the story of a harrowing attack by a pit bull.  Within this terribly sad case, a lot of questions have been raised about who can be held accountable after a vicious dog attack.

It all occurred on Indy’s Eastside.  According to the boy, he entered a family home in order to get a drink of water.  At the time there was a pit bull locked in a cage.  But then another boy, the son of the dog’s owner, apparently opened the cage and let the dog loose for unknown reasons.

The boy tried to shut the cage door before the dog could get out, but the sheer power of the animal was too much.  Once it was out of the cage it went straight after the child.  He ultimately suffered multiple severe bites on his legs and arms before neighbors came to his rescue and pulled the dog off of him.

According to animal control officers, as of right now the owner of the pit bull isn’t facing any criminal charges, but he definitely received several citations.  These include being an “owner responsible for attack, failing to have rabies vaccinations or rabies tags on the dog, and lacking proper identification for the dog.”  He’ll most likely be facing additional fines and restrictions when he reports to court.

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In Indiana, a dog owner can be held liable for failing to keep an animal under control.  This applies even if they didn’t know their animal had the capability of being vicious.  Letting an animal you own injure someone else is negligence, plain and simple.

We fight to get those who have suffered by the carelessness of other’s the compensation they deserve.  So if you or a loved one have been hurt by the negligence of another, the Ken Nunn Law Office can help. Contact us today with your story to find out how.

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