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Whiteout Conditions Lead To Multiple Accidents Throughout Indiana

Indiana drivers were greeted by an ominous wall of white while they were driving last weekend.  A “whiteout” left their visibility at nearly zero, and as car accident lawyers in Indianapolis, we know that’s a recipe for disaster… and this occasion was no exception.

On Saturday, snow was being blown across roads at over 40mph, completely blotting out drivers’ views. These incredibly dangerous conditions led to several multi-car pileups that closed roads, left drivers injured, and even took lives.

A blizzard warning had been issued by the National Weather Service for at least seven counties in northern Indiana, warning drivers to stay off the roads completely.  There were also wind advisories when gusts got so strong that they were capable of tipping over vehicles like tractor trailers and even SUVs.  In these conditions seemingly dry, clear roads can become slick and hazardous in a matter of minutes.

These weren’t excessive warnings either; these conditions had truly tragic outcomes. In the most heartbreaking instance, a young girl lost her life in a four car pile-up near South Bend. 13 other vehicles in northeast Indiana were involved in collisions, including a school bus transporting students to a choir competition. Driving wasn’t just dangerous, it was nearly impossible as big chunks of Interstate 69 were closed in both directions.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to these warnings. For the safety of yourself and your entire family, don’t ever take them lightly. If you’re warned to stay off the road, please listen.  The consequences simply aren’t worth it.

Get Help From Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

Dangerous weather isn’t the only thing you have to look out for when driving through Indiana. You also have to be wary of negligent drivers. Just know that the Ken Nunn Law Office is here for you if one of these drivers hurts you or your family. Contact our Indianapolis car accident attorneys after your injury wreck to find out how we can help get you the compensation you deserve.

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