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When Will We Learn? | Indianapolis Accident Attorneys

When Will We Learn? | Indianapolis Accident Attorneys

When will we learn that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs isn’t acceptable? Again this month we were reminded of the tragic outcomes that often take place when a driver operates a car in Indiana under the influence.

More tragic accidents in Indiana from drinking and driving.According to news and police reports, a Bedford, Indiana man was operating his car at a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than 3x the legal limit when he crashed. The legal limit in Indiana is .08 and this man was at a .27. In a medical sense most people die from alcohol poisoning (respiratory shutdown) at .40. This driver was heavily intoxicated and a complete danger to anyone near him on the road.

Unfortunately, three people were in the car with him, including his wife. The driver was the only survivor of the accident. Clearly he will face criminal charges and his life will forever be altered by the tragic events but his life isn’t the only one affected and changed. The families of the three other victims have also lost dearly and will now live on without their loved ones.

In Indiana, victims of car accidents that are deemed negligent or caused as the result of someone else’s actions have rights to secure settlements that take care of medical and legal bills, address pain and suffering, as well as consider life time earning losses.

Families are devastated by these sorts of accidents and then they can find themselves victimized again by the burdens placed upon them by the loss of income and loved ones. We know that financial settlements do not replace any sort of loss, but they can alleviate the pressures of the future and help to ensure ongoing disruptions do not occur. It is important for the remaining members of families to not have to move because of the loss of income or because of the long term care a severely injured person may need. If someone causes your loss, you are entitled to some understanding and compensation.

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We want to help you if you’ve been involved in a car or truck accident in Indiana, because you deserve representation. Our dedicated attorneys understand the ways in which loss affects people beyond the moments of crisis. We will help you navigate legal and civil court systems to help you be treated as fairly as possible. You deserve the best in the worst moment. We are here for you. Please contact the Ken Nunn Law Office today.

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