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What Happens When Your Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Compensation

Being injured on the job is a stressful and difficult experience. Your job is how you provide for yourself and for your family. If you are injured and unable to work, how will you pay your bills? Who will pay the medical bills for you? A workplace injury can quickly create a cascade of problems that seems overwhelming. From the physical pain and suffering to the financial hardship, a workers’ compensation claim can quickly turn your world upside down.

Indiana’s workers’ comp system is designed to provide medical care and income benefits to injured employees. It is an insurance program that most employers are required to participate in to protect injured workers. Workers’ comp also protects employers from lawsuits because it protects employers from lawsuits for workplace injuries with very few exceptions. However, some employers may not have workers’ comp insurance. What do you do in that situation if you are injured at work?

Employers Who Fail To Carry Workers’ Comp Insurance

If an employer is required to have workers’ comp insurance, the employer can face still penalties by the state for failure to have insurance coverage. You can verify if your employer has workers’ comp insurance by calling the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board (1-800-824-COMP). If your employer is required to have insurance coverage and does not, your employer could be criminally charged with a misdemeanor and face an award of double the actual damages.

If you have been injured at work, your first step is to report the accident and/or injury to your employer immediately. If you fail to report an injury within 30 days, your workers’ comp claim may be denied. After you report your claim, ask your employer for the name of the workers’ compensation insurance carrier then verify this information with the Workers’ Compensation Board (1-800-824-COMP).

If your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance, contact our office immediately to discuss your legal options. You may have several options to hold your employer accountable for your medical bills and other losses due to a workplace injury. Just because your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance it does not mean that you must be responsible for your medical bills and other damages.

How Can a Workers’ Comp Attorney Help Me?

The lack of workers’ compensation insurance is not the only problem you may run into when filing a claim for a workplace injury. A delay in workers’ comp benefits can create severe financial difficulties for your family. Refusal to approve necessary medical treatments and refusing to offer a fair and just settlement for permanent disabilities is a common workers’ comp insurance tactic. You do not need to deal with this type of behavior on your own. Our workers’ compensation lawyers will take care of your claim so that you can focus on recovering from your injury.

Do not wait too long to consult with an attorney. Missing deadlines in your workers’ comp case could result in a denial, delay, or reduction of your benefits. Contact The Ken Nunn Law Office 24/7 through Live Chat online or at 1-800-CALL-KEN or 1-800-225-5536 for a free legal consultation. The dedicated and aggressive approach to fighting for our clients is what sets us apart from other workers’ comp law firms.

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