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What Changes Will Be Made at Indiana Farm That Spread Salmonella?

What Changes Will Be Made at the Indiana Farm That Spread Salmonella? | Personal Injury Attorneys Indianapolis

Fifty years ago this week in Terra Haute, Indiana a terrible workplace explosion left seventeen workers dead and more than fifty injured. They were all employees of a major meat packing company when an explosion leveled the factory. Obviously the community and many individual families were devastated by this accident. We can only hope that the company was insured and provided for the families and individuals affected because that’s what they deserved.

Today, these deaths would be known as wrongful deaths in Indiana. This is because employers are responsible for ensuring that employees and customers are safe from preventable situations. However, this 1963 incident can and does repeat itself in today’s 21st century world.

FDA has finally ruled against Indiana farm that sickened many with salmonella.Just this week the FDA ruled that a southern Indiana farm must provide information on how it intends to change the working and processing conditions of its operation. This is because last summer 260 people in twenty-four states became ill after consuming food products grown and processed at the farm. Unfortunately, in Kentucky three people died from this salmonella outbreak.

In our opinion, when the FDA is holding you responsible, the situation was egregious and clearly preventable. It appears that “accumulated organic material” was everywhere within the processing part of the farm and that many pools of standing water on the farm floors contained algae and other growths. This seems to say that cleaning the facility was not a priority making a strong argument for negligence and wrongful death cases in this situation.

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If you or a loved one has been affected by a workplace injury, illness, death, or have been victimized by the negligence of another person or business , you have rights in Indiana. But remember that all wrongful death and personal injury cases have very specific timeline requirements in Indiana that must be followed.

We suggest that you contact a qualified attorney to discuss the best options for you. The professionals at the Ken Nunn Law Offices are familiar with Indiana law and want to provide you with the best possible services. Contact us today to begin a conversation about your case.

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