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What Can Be Done to Protect Our Children in Bus Accidents?

What Can Be Done to Protect Our Children in Bus Accidents? | Indianapolis Accident Attorneys

Thursday morning was a particularly dangerous morning for Indianapolis children trying to make their way to school. In the past we’ve discussed accidents that have involved school buses, but fortunately these stories aren’t something that happen all that often. But on Thursday there were three separate accidents that involved local school buses and at least four students suffered injuries.

There were three bus accidents on one day in Indianapolis.At around 7:30am, a bus and car collided on North High School Road. The impact was enough to cause the car to catch fire and cause steam to pour from the bus’ engine. There were only a handful of children on the bus at the time of the accident and none of them were reported injured.

About an hour later another school bus was involved in a wreck on North Kenwood Avenue, but little was known about the cause or if there were any injuries in this accident.

Shortly before the accident on Kenwood occurred, an Indianapolis Public School Bus was rear-ended near 42nd Street. Four children on the bus had to be taken to IU Riley Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. According to an Indianapolis Public School spokesman, “… we believe they hit their heads on the seats in front them at the time of the impact.”

What’s Being Done to Make School Buses Safer?

At the Ken Nunn Law Office we’ve previously fought for families that have had children injured, even killed, in bus crashes in Indianapolis accidents. There is no greater loss than the loss of a son or daughter and we intend to continue to represent those that have suffered and lobby for new safety measures. We’ve long advocated that school buses should have seat belts installed to better protect our children in the event of an accident.

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