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Update on Fatal Accident Involving Police Officer

Update on Fatal Accident Involving Police Officer | Indianapolis Wrongful Death Attorneys

We want to take the time to remind everyone that the dangers on our roads and everywhere else continue to be there. The time of the year doesn’t matter when it comes to danger. In fact, just this week we were brought back to a tragedy that occurred in 2010.

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled that the blood sample drawn from an Indianapolis police officer following a fatal accident was properly taken. The officer was apparently driving under the influence when his cruiser crashed into two motorcycles that were stopped at a traffic signal. The police officer’s blood alcohol concentration was found to be more than 2x the legal limit!

Police Officer was found to be drunk when he ran down to motorcyclists.Unfortunately there are times when the very people who are meant to protect us and are supposed to represent the best of the best find themselves making the worst decisions. When someone’s actions, in Indiana, lead to the death of someone else, it is known as a wrongful death. This week’s ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court paves the way for further legal action against the officer.

It appears that a civil settlement has already been reached in this case, ahead of the criminal resolution. This is not uncommon, but also requires the navigation of two systems — the civil and criminal. In our minds this is a clear case of wrongful death and we were glad to see that the civil cases were resolved in, what appears to be, a timely manner.

Once again, be safe out there and do everything you can to ensure the safety of you and your family during this holiday season (and, of course, all year long). However, if you or a loved one has been involved in a serious car accident in Indianapolis, be sure to work with a personal injury attorney to ensure you are treated fairly. During a time of tragedy, support is paramount.

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The Ken Nunn Law Office wishes you a happy holiday season and reminds you that we are ready to assist you if you need us. If you’ve had a loved one killed in an accident, contact the Ken Nunn Law Office and let us get started on your wrongful death claim today.

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