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Two Women Share Their Story of Medical Malpractice

Two Women Share Their Story of Medical Malpractice | Indianapolis Injury Attorneys

All surgeries come with inherent risks, and when we go under the knife we place an incredible amount of trust in our doctors and other medical professionals. When that trust is broken, the consequences can be devastating and life-changing. Two Indianapolis women who were victims of malpractice are now on a crusade, sharing their story and trying to prevent other women from suffering as they have.

The two women both had hysterectomies at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital, normally a common procedure, but one that would have a terrible impact of these women’s lives. Recovering from a hysterectomy takes time. According to, women will often be in the hospital for one or two days after surgery. After that it’s often another six weeks before life returns to normal.

Two Indianapolis women share their story of suffering after sutures were left in them after surgery.The two women who went to St. Vincent’s didn’t recover in six weeks. In fact, severe pain plagued them for months after their surgeries. For one woman it became severe enough that she was forced to postpone her wedding. After living in incredible pain for two years and multiple doctor visits, the women were shocked to find out what the issue was. “Come to find out, two years, stitches were left in me from my surgery back in 2010… [My doctor] told me there were non-dissolvable sutures that were used.”

Even more shocking is that these women weren’t the only ones to have stitches left in them after surgery. An investigation by news channel WISH I-Team 8 found medical documents that showed 46 other cases within the last two years. One of the women confirmed this when she finally spoke with hospital administrators. “They did confirm there was another 40 some odd patients and I’d be receiving a letter as to how St. Vincent’s was going to make good on this, but they needed to identify all those patients first.”

Neither woman received this letter and are concerned that other women that suffered the same malpractice didn’t receive notice either. The women have shared their story in hopes of shedding light on the injustice. They want to make sure “the right women get notified and that the hospital double-checks and re-checks and makes sure they do their job correctly.”

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All Indianapolis medical malpractice is harmful but none is more traumatic than surgical errors. If you’ve been a victim of a surgical error, seek counsel with an Indianapolis injury lawyer that has a proven record of settling medical malpractice claims.

The Ken Nunn Law Office has been serving the people of Indiana for 45 years and stand ready to fight for you if you’ve suffered at the hands of a medical professional. Contact Ken Nunn right now and let him get started on you injury claim today with FREE case review.

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