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Two Semis Collide on Interstate | Truck Accident Lawyers

Two Semis Collide on Interstate | Truck Accident Lawyers Indianapolis

Previously, we’ve discussed the dangers that 18-wheelers pose to smaller passenger cars. The sheer size difference between the two often leaves the occupants of the car severely injured or worse. But tractor trailers don’t just pose a threat to Hoosiers in cars and pickup trucks; they’re a danger to one another as well.

Early Tuesday morning, two semi-trucks smashed into one another on the eastbound lanes of Ronald Reagan Parkway. Both trailers were fully loaded, one with food, the other with auto parts. The wreck occurred just after 3:00am and ended up blocking both lanes of I-74. Both truck drivers suffered minor injuries but were reported to be walking around at the scene under their own strength. Traffic had to be diverted from the interstate for nearly three hours while the massive wreck was cleaned.

What Causes Truck Accidents in Indianapolis?

Of course, trucking companies are in the business of making money. But to maximize their profits sometimes they cut corners. They constantly push drivers to make deliveries faster and faster, and this means driving poorly maintained 18-wheelers and working long hours. Working long hours can lead to one of the most common causes of truck accidents – driver fatigue.A big truck accident occurs in Indianapolis when two trucks collide.

Sometimes it’s purely an error on the part of the truck driver, and a lack of training only compounds the issue. Drivers operate their massive rigs while distracted, or worse under the influence of prescription drugs or alcohol.

Trucking Accident Lawyers Indianapolis

When you’ve been hurt in an Indianapolis 18-Wheeler accident chances are the truck’s insurance company will try to pay you as little as possible. An injury lawyer experienced in handling truck accident claims can help you get the money you really deserve.

The Ken Nunn Law Office has been settling big truck accident cases in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, South Bend, Evansville, and throughout Indiana for over 40 years, and they’ll fight to get you the maximum compensation after you’ve been injured.

If you’ve been injured in an Indianapolis truck wreck, don’t wait. Contact the personal injury attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office and let them get started on your accident claim today with a free case evaluation.

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