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Troubled Teen Driver Causes Fatal Accident During Police Chase

Few groups are as excited about driving as teens.  Many have just got their license and are more than enthusiastic about hitting the road.  With that excitement, however, comes inexperience and inexperience can be incredibly dangerous.  Add to that inexperience a teen who is also committing crimes and that recklessness will almost certainly lead to disaster.

An Indianapolis teen is facing very serious charges after causing a fatal accident earlier in the month.  A man, who was nearly 80-years-old, was heading to church when the teenage driver ran a red light and smashed into his car.  The accident took place near 16th Street and E. Riverside Drive.  An hour earlier a carjacking had been reported, and the teen driver was the prime suspect.

A car had been stolen at gunpoint, and while searching for the vehicle a deputy saw one with matching plates.  He attempted to the pull the driver over but they refused.  A chase ensued.  The teen behind the wheel was desperately trying to avoid being arrested.  While recklessly fleeing he ran a red light and that’s where he collided with the man who was on his way to church.

The man lost his life, and the teen tried to flee on foot.  He didn’t get far and was quickly taken down by a K9 officer.  Stolen money was found on the young man and a discarded handgun was also recovered along the chase route.  He is now facing charges of resisting law enforcement, failure to stop at an accident causing death, and the most serious charge of reckless homicide.

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