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Indiana Car Accident Lawyers know all too well of the trouble with claim adjusters. Insurance adjusters can intimidate, manipulate, and be downright vicious when a claim is being investigated, directly after a car accident. One thing all adjusters have in common, is where their priorities lie, which is to save their company as much money as they can. One way they do this is to try and settle your claim as quickly as possible, before you have a chance to speak to an attorney, or anyone else who might advise you. Let’s look a little closer at this to find out why.

Delayed-Symptom Injuries

Directly after any car accident, the first thing that springs to mind is to see if anyone is injured. Most serious injuries are obvious, and medical attention is immediate. But there are other injuries that are hidden, and can be so serious that they are disabling. That is what a delayed-symptom injury is. All car wrecks involve a very sudden, back and forth motion upon impact, and that rapid movement can cause whiplash, internal bleeding, a concussion, or even a compression fracture of the vertebrae in one’s back. These types of injuries happen so fast that the body doesn’t respond right away to the injury, until a day or two later. At first you may only feel a little sore, but think you are okay, only to be in terrible pain later on. If not treated, these hidden injuries can cause you a lifetime of problems.

When the Claim Adjuster Wants To Move Quickly

The insurance adjusters are fully aware of delayed- symptom injuries, but will ignore it to get you to sign off on the claim. As soon as you sign the claim accepting whatever offer they give you, the case closes permanently. There is no going back to re-open the case, and any medical needs you may have, are now your sole responsibility. That happens often when the adjuster can get to you before you can speak to an attorney. Often an adjuster is offered an incentive, a reward, or even a promotion if he has the lowest amount of payouts. An experienced car accident lawyer will send you to be checked out first thing, because delayed-symptom injuries are so common with car wrecks, and they are very serious injuries.

The law offices of Ken Nunn are here for you, if you need any advice or have questions that need answers. We are experienced in this area of the law and we encourage you or someone else you know to Contact Us as soon as possible if you are involved in a car crash.

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