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Trooper Escapes Not One But Two Tractor Trailer Accidents

Ask anyone that has been involved in a serious truck accident, and they’ll tell you just how frightening it can be.  Seeing a massive 18-wheeler barreling toward you is an image that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.  If that person is hurt in the truck accident, they might even have the injuries as a reminder for a long time to come.  Now imagine that instead of one tractor trailer coming at you, it’s two.

That’s what an Indiana State Trooper experienced over the weekend, and he’s lucky to be alive.  The snow and ice that has been falling on our state has made our roads extremely hazardous, and semi-trucks are some of the most likely vehicles to lose control in wintery conditions.  Saturday the trooper was investigating a crash on I-69 that was linked to the weather, but he didn’t realize that another accident was on its way.

A semi-truck lost control and began to slide into the median and directly toward the officer.  In a flash the officer dove out of the way and over a cable barrier to avoid being struck.  His quick reflexes saved his life, but his ordeal wasn’t over yet.  The officer was preparing to call in the latest incident when another tractor trailer lost control and slid into the median.  Once again the quick-thinking officer dove out of harm’s way.  This one was even closer as the officer’s car was smashed by the semi.

The trooper managed to not be struck by either truck, but he didn’t escape without injury.  Diving out of the way took its toll, and he was taken to the hospital with pain in his side.  The incident was a scary reminder of how easily accidents can happen this time of year, especially when big trucks are involved.

Do You Need an Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney?

Weather doesn’t excuse negligent truck driving.  If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, let the Ken Nunn Law Office take on your case.  We can hold the drivers responsible for their actions and fight to get you the money you deserve.  Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office today to get us started on your Indianapolis truck accident claim.

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