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Traffic Accident Leaves 7 Injured | Car Accident Lawyers

Traffic Accident Leaves 7 Injured | Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

The rules of the road are there for a reason; whether they are posted to let drivers know of upcoming hazards, speed limit changes, or the traveling order at intersections. They are not suggestions, but rather they are posted to ensure the safety of all travelers.

This past weekend in Indianapolis a car accident left 3 cars damaged and 7 people injured. It appears that one driver’s decision or inattention led to the 3 car pile-up and the resulting injuries, including a 5-year-old that was listed in critical care.

When we found out that it was a driver, who ran a red light on Indianapolis’ far East Side that appeared to be the cause of this accident, we were saddened to know immediately that this car accident was very preventable. Just by following the rules of the road 7 people would not have had their lives changed; some forever. You see, the other 2 cars were entering the intersection appropriately when the responsible car entered the intersection out of order, creating chaos.

Indianapolis car accident leaves seven people injured.When traffic becomes busy enough at intersections, the traffic/road authorities no longer deem it responsible to allow drivers to determine when passing through the intersection is safe, and they institute the common protocol of installing traffic lights. It becomes the light itself that determines who gets to go and when. By going out of order the risk is to the other vehicles when they are at their most vulnerable; slow moving.

In addition to the young child who is still in critical care, 5 others were listed in serious condition, and the final victim is listed in good condition. You can be sure that the authorities and insurance companies will be looking to assign responsibility and liability to the offending party. In addition, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to look for ways to reduce their liability in situations like this.

Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

That is why if you are involved in a car accident in Indianapolis or anywhere else in the great state of Indiana you should seek representation from an experienced car accident attorney. Your job following a car accident injury is to recover from the injuries. While you are recovering an experienced attorney will be representing your needs (both current and future).

The law office of Ken Nunn will work tirelessly to ensure you are treated fairly by all parties. Please call us at 800-CALL-KENN or fill out our web form to initiate a complete review of your situation.

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