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Tractor Trailer Creates Slippery Situation on I-69

Semi Truck spills fuel on Indianapolis road

In the past we’ve discussed the incredible damage that large semi-trucks can cause when they’re involved in an accident.  An overturned tractor trailer can cause damage to both property and other vehicles; an out-of-control semi can do even worse.  But several unfortunate motorists in Indy discovered that big trucks don’t even have to be involved in accidents into order to create dangerous situations.

According to the Indianapolis Fire Department, a rig leaked hundreds of gallons of fuel onto I-69 Sunday morning near the I-465 interchange.  By their estimates, of the 1,000 gallons the truck was transporting, nearly 285 gallons were dumped onto the highway and directly into the path of other motorists.  Once the rig hit the ramp to I-465 the driver finally noticed the leak and shut off the valve.

But this wasn’t just a headache for cleanup crews that had to shut down a ramp in order to clean the spill, this was an incredibly dangerous situation for every other motorist on the road.  The diesel fuel made the interstate incredibly slippery and at least two vehicles lost control after running over it, which resulted in multiple accidents.  Exactly how many people and vehicles were involved in the wrecks hasn’t been reported.   Neither has whether or not anyone was injured.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Indianapolis

When a negligent truck driver or trucking company causes accidents like the one on I-69, they should be held accountable.  But that isn’t easy.  Trucking companies and their insurance will do everything they can to avoid paying for the accidents and injuries caused by their negligence.

But the Ken Nunn Law Office has the resources and experience to take on the big trucking companies because we’ve been doing it for 45 years.  We’ll fight to get you the compensation you deserve when you’ve been injured in a truck accident.  Contact us today with your Indianapolis truck accident claim and we’ll get started with a free case review right away.

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