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Tire Blowouts: A Common Cause Of Truck Accidents

Been Injured in a Trucking Accident? Our Indiana Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

If you drive on the freeways, you may notice tire debris on the roadways. Rubber is typically an indication that a tire blowout occurred. Tire blowouts are not uncommon for truckers to experience on the roadways and can result in serious accidents.

Big rig accidents can cause fatal injuries due to their massive size and weight. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), “A total of 4,102 people died in large truck crashes in 2017.”

If you or a loved one were involved in an automobile accident with a truck and sustained injuries, contact our Indiana truck accident attorneys. At the Ken Nunn Law Office, we believe injured victims deserve justice for any injuries and property damage caused by the careless actions of a truck driver.

Main Causes of Tire Blowouts

When you are behind the wheel of your motor vehicle, it can be scary and intimidating to travel alongside a semi-truck. What can become even more frightening is when the commercial vehicle has a tire blowout. A tire blowout can happen for several reasons including:

  • Potholes – Potholes can produce serious injuries to any driver no matter the size of their tires. The initial impact of the tire and the hole can cause the tire to puncture or slip open. When a tire has any type of damage, it has the potential to deflate and release air rapidly, which can lead to a blowout.
  • Poor Maintenance – The overall maintenance of a truck plays a vital role in how safe the truck functions and operates. However, in some cases, trucking companies fail to comply with safety procedures or requirements and do not check the maintenance of their trucks often enough. When a trucking company fails to maintain their trucks, they place their drivers and other motorists in severe danger.
  • Overloaded Cargo – In some cases, the tires placed on commercial vehicles can be punctured due to heavy cargo loads.
  • Defective Tires – When defective tires are placed on commercial vehicles, they can fail to function according to their capability and result in an accident.
  • Inadequate Tire Inflation – Sometimes tires have too much or not enough air. Without proper air pressure, a tire can blowout.
  • Braking Too Often – Tires tend to wear down faster when truck drivers brake excessively. The tires tread depth diminishes and causes the tires to become unsafe.  

Steps to Take after a Truck Crash

The moments immediately following a trucking accident are imperative if you plan to file a lawsuit in the future. It’s important to contact the police and emergency responders right after the collision. The police will review the scene of the accident and determine what factors contributed to the crash.

If you are able, make sure to take photos and witness statements, which can be used as evidence to help build your case. If the truck driver was at fault for the accident, it’s best for you to contact an Indiana truck accident attorney before making any decisions about what legal steps to take next.

Can I File a Lawsuit after a Tractor-Trailer Accident?

Filing a lawsuit is not always a straightforward process and, without legal guidance, you may be left with countless questions. When you file a lawsuit, you can seek compensation for any injuries and property damage you suffered as a result of the collision.

Seeking compensation after a truck accident can be difficult since these large corporations have extensive insurance policies. The reason why they carry such large policies is that they are fully aware that trucking accidents can lead to devastating and permanent injuries and, in some cases, death. Although trucking companies have large policies, it doesn’t mean they won’t attempt to offer you a low settlement.

The insurance company’s ultimate goal is to make a profit, which means they will strive to resolve a lawsuit by paying as little as possible. This could leave you with a settlement that is not comparable to the injuries you sustained. In other words, the settlement amount offered may not compensate for all the medical expenses and treatment required for you to recover.

Compensation can include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses, property damage, and even the wrongful death of a loved one.

Is the Operator Held Legally Responsible?

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In order to pursue a lawsuit, you must prove that the truck driver acted negligently. However, in some cases, that can be difficult to conclude. In these types of cases, liable parties can vary and can include the trucking company, the manufacturer, and the owner of the commercial truck. These are just some of the potential parties who may be found at fault. It’s in your best interest to solicit legal advice in order to hold the correct party or parties responsible.

Contact Our Trusted Legal Team

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If you or someone you know has fallen victim to an accident involving a tire blowout from a large truck, our Indiana truck accident attorneys can help you navigate the complex legal system.

Our team has handled numerous truck accident cases, and we have the knowledge and experience to seek justice on your behalf. We know you may feel stressed and afraid about the outcome of your case, however, when you have our trusted legal team on your side, you can feel confident that your case will be handled with compassion and determination. Our law firm has dedicated our practice to helping innocent people seek the justice they rightfully deserve, which is why many people have trusted us with their cases.

Truck accidents in Indiana happen more often than people know. If you’re involved in a trucking accident that wasn’t your fault, you need our legal knowledge. Call our office today at (800) 225-5536 or fill out our free consultation form.


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